Thursday, March 31, 2005

A tragic loss.

No, I'm not going to talk about THE recent death that everyone else is obsessing about right now. Someone else has passed away, someone whose passing barely registered on the media radar screen (I didn't hear about it until reading the news on a friend's blog)--comedian Mitch Hedberg. Although early reports specify "heart attack" as cause of death, it sounds as though the underlying cause was drug-related.

You may not know him by name, but even a semi-regular viewer of Comedy Central has undoubtedly caught at least part of his act. He was honestly one of my favorite comedians, and I am very sorry to hear that he's gone so soon. (I was having issues with the actual link, but go here, do a search on Mitch Hedberg--make sure you're searching "news" and not "shopping"--and then click "Hedberg's humor in class by itself." This one was obviously written before he died, but it really captures his style of humor.) (you have to register to read the article--it's free and well worth it, as it's the best profile on him I've been able to find) (if you have sound, watch the first two clips)


keesh said...

Sorry Jen, I looked him up but i don't know who he is :(.

Jen said...

OH man Kish, he was so funny. When you get home, see if you can watch some of those clips from the Comedy Central site. Very funny.

Anna said...

I'd never seen him until they did a tribute to him when he died. Funny guy- very monotone, dead-pan, dry humor.
Too bad we lost a funny one when there's so many boring a-holes in the world.