Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Court results.

Here's a summary:

1) Elliott's an asshole.

2) Basically, the magistrate (not a judge) was not familiar enough with bankruptcy law to be able to confidentally rule today. He said he needed to verify that a broken lease would, in fact, be a debt that is discharged under bankruptcy law, and that he would mail us notice of his final ruling. I have talked to several lawyers over the course of this whole thing who have ALL assured me that yes, such a debt WOULD be discharged by the bankruptcy, as long as the debt was incurred prior to filing (which is was) so I'm feeling relatively confident; even so, I'm anxious to receive the final ruling.

3) Elliott is, in fact, an asshole.


Anonymous said...

oh yes you should win that easily. my niece had to file bankrupty and hers was put with it. Even though it was in Ohio I'm pretty sure that sure work the same since it's through the federal and not the state.

Jen said...

Thank you, Anonymous!!!

Renee said...

Maybe Mr. Magistrate should take a few "continuing education" classes so he knows what the hell he's talking about :-) I feel like I've been using "quotes" a lot lately. I'm a dork.

You'll be fine; I have every confidence! Let us all know when you get the final word

Jen said...

Actually, when I talked to Lisa today, she said it wasn't unusual for a "magistrate" to be "unfamiliar" with "bankruptcy law." (I'm just using quotes like you do.) ;) And like I said in that email I sent out earlier, she said the only way I can "lose" is if the magistrate "misreads" the law, in which case I can "appeal," as the law is definitely in my "favor." (LOL, did you ever see the Friends episode where Joey would misuse the "air quotes" and use them on the wrong words?)

Anna said...

lol! I was totally thinking of the Friends episode where Joey misused the quotes! I LOVED that one! OH! So funny! (OK Ross, I'm "Sorry")

And I have agreed with Renee from the start that this magistrate should get his facts and his job straight before he takes more of people's valuable time and scares the shit out of them! That's his job; he's paid to know that stuf; he should know it.

Jen said...

I think that that Friends episode has to be my favorite.


Jen said...

That's my favorite Friends episode EVER.


Jen said...

That's my favorite Friends episode EVER, I think.

Jen said...

LOL, I pulled a Renee.

Clearly, I liked the episode enough that I felt the need to post it like 3 times.

Not sure what happened there. Sorry.