Friday, March 04, 2005

The Crue.

With the events of the last few days (have I mentioned that Elliot is an asshole?), I forgot to tell you about my GOOD news! As an early birthday present, I got tickets to see Motley Crue this summer!! We missed them when they perfomed at the Palace a couple of weeks ago, and I swore to myself that if they ever came back, I WOULD be there. A few days later, the annoucement was made that, due to popular demand, they were returning to Detroit in August!! A coincidence, or was something greater at work?

Anyway, I got to buy my tickets during a presale because of this guy I bl-- I mean, for reasons that really aren't important, so we're in the 6th row!! (We're in the far left section, but still.)



Renee said...

LOL. I'm glad you're gonna go see them; you were wet as soon as they announced they were going on tour :-)

Lisa said...

Have fun - that sounds great!