Thursday, October 22, 2009


Two amazing things happened today. (The day wasn't ALL sunshine and roses, mind you; at one point, I had to yell loud enough in the cafeteria that I actually peed a little. But it was end-capped in different but yet equally spectacular fashions.)

First: this morning, a very cryptic email was waiting for us from our current "principal" (and I use the term loosely), talking about evaluating the situation and adjusting staffing to better meet the current needs. We knew something was afoot, and once the team leads came out of the morning meeting, we had more information: basically, our principal of curriculum, who we love and was Mrs. A's right-hand woman last year, will be taking over of the day-to-day running of our school. Our principal is still technically our principal, but basically in name only. (They didn't come out and say that, but that's what it boils down to.) Frankly, I think this is our company's first step is phasing her out.

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! After my last post, you may have noticed that I was feeling a bit down about how things were being run under new leadership. Well, for all intents and purposes, she's now gone. It's like a huge weight was lifted; already, you can sense a change in the building. It's FABULOUS.

And then, to cap off this day: I won $100 on a $5 scratch-off lottery ticket!! I can count on both hands the number of times I've bothered to even stop and by those things. Still, April was buying one, so I thought sure, why not. I even went back through the check-out lane to buy a pack of gum so I could get cash back for the tickets. The one I got (I forgot what it was called) has 4 lucky numbers at the top and then 12 squares on the bottom. If a number in one of the squares matches one of your lucky numbers, you win the amount in that square. Well, the first or second box that I scratched off matched, and I won $10. And hell, I was excited enough THEN. I was jumping around and everyone in line was laughing at me. Then I scratched off the next box...and the next box...and the next one. When all was said and done, 10 out of the 12 boxes matched one of my 4 numbers (each at $10 a pop). By the bottom of the card, we were just giddy. It was so funny. After the fifth one, I was like, "I MUST be reading this game wrong. There must be more to it than this" (you know, like maybe a whole row has to be the same number or something). I gave it to the guy (who, of course, had been cheering with us the whole time) and said, "Please just scan this for me. Tell me if I did this right." And he was like, "Yup. You just won $100."

(I split it with April, since we each bought 2 $5 tickets and were kind of doing it together. I know, I'm awesome.)

So yeah...a pretty damn good start AND finish to the day.


Renee said...

Yay for you! I'm crying from laughing, though, over your yelling-so-loud-you-peed-a-little. Hahahahahahahahaha! OMG. I heart you.

Congrats on winning the money! That's exciting :-)

The school news sounds AWESOME. But you said "afoot" which is also cracking my ass up, LOLOL. I hope things improve dramatically and quickly, cuz yeah-- it's quite obvious that that's been playing a huge part in your feelings of downness-- and how couldn't it? I just wish Mrs. A would come back to you guys :-) But it sounds like her right-hand woman will turn things around. It's good to read your change in mood :-)

Fred said...

Next time the AP yells at someone in the lunch room, I'll be thinking of this post. How do I explain it if I'm caught well, um, err, in the area you mentioned?

Renee said...

Hahahahahaa! Not sure there's any explaining that would get you out of that one, Fred :-)

anna said...


I'm so glad the crappy principal is on her way Out!

AND Way to go on the Lotto win! I've never won anything on those things.

Kishelle said...

OMG - I went through a haunted house on Sat night and peed a little, ok a lot...not that you could see it from the outside, but damn...ok no one wants to hear anymore about that.
glad you are feeling better about the leadership role and that it all works out better now!!

Renee said...

LMAO Kish! Would you old ladies please quit pissing yourselves?