Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Whose Big Gay Line is it Anyway?

Kevin (Renee's cousin) posted this on his Facebook, and it's exactly what I needed after a 13 1/2 hour day at school (Curriculum Night). It's a clip from Whose Line is it Anyway, featuring Richard Simmons and a very traumatized Wayne Brady. (Richard's A-OK sign right around 5:12 just makes the whole scene.)


(If you don't have sound, this is worth going out and buying speakers for.)


Renee said...

Hahahahahahaha! I hadn't seen that yet (on fb) but I remember watching the episode-- BY FAR, one of the best! Who knew Richard could be such a good sport? LOLOLOL. I loved that show, especially when Colin and Ryan teamed up and Wayne and Brad teamed up :-)

anna said...

(at work in my cube, of course, tears streaming down my face)
OMG Richard Simmons was HI-larious, as were all the players on the show!

Man, I LOVED that show! It was always So Funny! It used to be on all the time but I haven't seen it for a while now. I'll have to check out more clips on You Tube.

Anonymous said...

too funny - those guys are hilarious. Add Richard and - whoa.