Monday, October 19, 2009


I'm here, just crazy busy (thanks for the update, Renee. LOL). Very tired lately. Will be emotionally limping through the next month till Thanksgiving break, and then it will be the final countdown till Christmas break! Yes, I'm already living for Christmas break. Ha ha. I don't know what my deal is, just still don't feel right and am exhausted. May go back to the doctor but frankly, I'm also sleeping like crap and staying up too late so I suspect that's more my problem. I need to get on a much better sleep schedule first and then see how I feel. Everything is fine, just busy.

The leadership thing was cool. In theory, it will open up doors, especially down the road if I do ever decide to leave the classroom. But there are other leadership roles I could take on and still remain a teacher, including going back to team lead; there's another position or two (which would probably require me switching to a different school, but we'll see). Lots of school drama going on, namely due to incredibly poor leadership. I miss Sara a LOT. We're all hoping we outlast our new principal (which, at this rate, is entirely possible. I think she's digging her own grave). It's like Educational Survivor....outlast, outwit, outplay. Or something like that. It's just a huge culture shock going from someone like Mrs A to the new one. Morale is lower than I've ever seen it. That may be contributing to my overall feeling of "tiredness," too--we're working so hard and not only are we NOT being encouraged or supported, but it feels like we're being pushed (kicked) back down every time we turn around.

I just feel...rather disillusioned right now, I guess. Still love my kids and my coworkers (most of them). But it's amazing the impact one person can have on a whole building (and not in a good way).

Weather is changing and I am definitely, DEFINITELY a Florida pu$$y now. It gets worse ever year. The lower 70s IS, in fact, downright chilly. I know, I know. You all hate me right now. But your blood really does change. It's not my fault. =-)


Jen said...

Oh and also, I have 2 friends going through significant breakups (one a marriage; one a long term relationship) and I'm apparently the go-to person. Yes, I know what you're thinking--"Jen giving relationship advice? Isn't that like the blind leading the blind?" But let's face it--if anyone knows what it's like to be broken hearted, cheated on and screwed over, it's yours truly. I'm a good listener and ask deep, thought-provoking questions. And most of all, I KNOW HOW THEY FEEL. And when they make stupid choices that their other friends advised them against, I just sympathize. =-) I've been there. And when it's not my own love life, I actually give pretty good advice.

anna said...

Sorry things are rough right now. Try to take care of yourself, get some sleep, and keep on truckin'.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't get more run down. That won't help.

Anonymous said...

Take some sleeping meds on the weekends and knock yourself out for a while.