Thursday, October 01, 2009

2 good things

I found out today that I *am* receiving an extra bonus based on last year's performance. It's known as MAP money (Merit something Pay), and the criteria are your final year-end evaluation from your principal and, of course, those all-important student FCAT test scores. This is actually the first time I've received the money, so I'm pretty excited. I'm not sure exactly how much yet but it'll be around a couple grand. Our new principal came in during math today and handed me the official award letter; after she left, I did a little happy dance. When the kids asked what the letter said, I told them, "Let's just say that Miss K can go get her guitar now!!" and they all cheered (that's all I told them).

Now of course, there are teachers who didn't receive the bonus (including my roommate, which really surprised me), so this is kind of a tense kind of year. The people who do receive it are told to be courteous and aware of those who didn't, of course (basically, keep it on the downlow), but of course word is already getting out and there are some pretty pissed off people out there right now.

I feel for them--but damn am I excited to have finally qualified this year!

Second, I had to give a training to the staff yesterday (it was on that DI stuff from Orlando over the summer). I think my presentation actually went well, too. I had many people come up to me yesterday and say that they actually learned stuff and that it wasn't boring like the regular staff meetings. One teacher actually told me, "I only graded one paper, and then I stopped and actually paid attention." If you know anything about teacher professional development trainings--which are generally 1) bullshit 2) boring and 3) nothing you haven't already heard before, then you know that this is very high praise indeed. A lot of people commented on my sense of humor and the fact that I made them laugh. Anyway, I'm very proud of that, too, because as I said, these things usually suck, and they're genreally total and complete wastes of time, so if even a FEW people learned something new and/or weren't totally bored out of their skulls, then I feel pretty successful. (Plus, our new principal was there, whom I've had very little interaction with, so I'm glad to have had a POSITIVE reason to help her put a face to the name.)

I'm taking a very important test tomorrow, but more on that later....


Renee said...

Those are two GREAT things!!

Can't wait to meet your guitar in January. What's her final name? I'm sure that couple grand will come in very handy, whether it's for bills or something more fun :-)

WTG on your "fun" training, too! I know John's are different because his are for retail, but he goes to a lot of ridiculously boring and redundant "trainings" that are a complete waste of time and money, so for you to deliver one that was none of those things is WAY COOL! And getting some good face time in front of the principal is great, too! Hopefully your peers will let HER know, too, how they felt about your training :-)

anna said...

Those ARE good things!

1) Way to go on the nice Bonus! Sorry some good folks didn't get it but if everyone got it then it wouldn't be as special.
The A in MAP stands for A$$-kicking, making it a Merit A$$-kicing Pay.
I miss bonuses. DMX used to give such great bonuses.

2) Glad your presentation went well. You've always been good at presentations :)

3) Do tell about this important test. What was it for?

Renee said...

Yeah, what was that important test? OHHHHHHH! Hahahahahahaha. Was it the fertility test? LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Sorry I'm laughing, I just didn't make the connection til now :-)

anna said...

OMG! Was that the important test?! LOL!!!

Jen said...

Yeah that was the important test. LOL. I'm cute.

Renee said...

You ARE cute :-) I so thought it was something career-related :-)