Tuesday, October 07, 2008

True Crime

A particular trial just started this week, and it's making big news (nationally, even). The crime happened about 6 months before I moved here, so this is the first I've heard about it. It's really an incredibly sad story--and for some reason, I'm fascinated by it.

A young couple (in their 20s, with a 2 year old--at the time--son) was murdered in their home. At first, all the news stories were, of course, focused on the they-were-so-in-love-and-happy-and-isn't-it-tragic angle. However, it wasn't long before the truth came out--the husband (Steven) had been having an affair with his coworker (Kellie). Eventually, they narrowed in on a suspect--Kellie's boyfriend, with whom she had recently ended her relationship so she could be with Steven, who was planning on leaving his wife, as well.

Steven was shot, and his wife was suffocated and beaten. (The wife had apparently cheated on her husband at some point in the past, which, according to Steven's emails to Kellie, was when he felt the relationship start to fall apart--he was never really able to trust her again. She, from what it sounds like, knew about Steven's affair with Kellie and was desperately trying to make the marriage work, but at that point Steven felt like it was too late.) It doesn't sound like Kellie's ex-boyfriend had any particular grudge against her--she was just murdered to eliminate witnesses to his (alleged) crime.

The 2-year-old son was in the house at the time but was unharmed (at least physically--who knows what he saw and heard, which to me, is the most heartbreaking part of all). There were initial reports that he was the one to call 911.

Anyway...it's a tragic story, like I said, but for some reason I'm just entralled by the case. If you're interested, you can go to http://www.news-press.com/ and read old stories about the case, Kellie and Steven's emails back and forth, including on the day he was murdered (in fact, they had just met up that night at their office to get it on--he went back home around 10 that night and was murdered sometime after that), sworn statements by the girlfriend, etc--and follow the trial itself. It certainly doesn't look good for the ex-boyfriend so far, but who knows what could still come out.

The little boy now lives with his (paternal?) grandparents, btw.

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anna said...

What a mess!

So what you're saying is that someone in a relationship cheated in an already broken relationship and then was killed for it. I wonder why you're so interested in this story... Watch out - crazy stuff goes down in Florida!