Monday, October 06, 2008


Throughout the last couple of months, I have discovered that I have abnormally short arms--so short, in fact, that I can't do some of the traditional karate moves. There's one in particular that requires to me to kind of cross my left arm over and hold it at my right side (and vice versa)--and between my T-rex-like arms and my large chestal area, it's become clear that this will never happen for me. So we finally had to modify the moves a bit (for example, I hold my arms just off-center rather than to my actual side). The good part about this, Sensei told me, is that in an actual battle (cuz, you know, I get into so many of those), I can move a lot quicker and strike a lot faster, before my opponent even knows what's happening (as opposed to someone with longer arms, when you can see the strike coming). Luckily, Isshinryu is all about fighting up-close (it's one of our signature characteristics, actually)--so this style is especially appropriate for me.


Fred said...

A few thoughts:

1. Speaking of dumbass squared, I noticed there are two contributors to the blog. Jen and Jen.

2. John McCain also has abnormally short arms. Comparison anyone?

3. I clicked on your Google ad 175 times. Expect a call from the fraud department.

4. "Corporate" is going to visit you? I had no idea you were working for a franchise.

5. Only kidding on #3. Maybe.

I'm in an ornery mood. Can you tell?

Renee said...

LMAO, Fred :-)

And Jen, now I'm nearly crying from laughing so hard at your T-Rex comment, thinking of the Meet the Robinson's line "Cuz I have a big head. And little arms."

I think we should all measure our reach and compare. Except I'm not sure this can be done without help. I fear mine are abnormally long. I have monkey arms, you have t-rex arms. Let's start a zoo!

But I'm guessing that it's not that your arms are abnormally short; your chest is just abnormally large, preventing your arms from crossing over your body :-)

Nik said...

I was thinking it's a proportion issue. You don't have short arms, your ta-ta's are just massive, thus making the arms look short in relativity. It's good to know that you'll be able to throw down when you get to brawlin though, with your modified style. Very cool!

Ornery Fred is hilarious!

Jen said...

A few thoughts regarding your thoughts:

1) Two contributors: yeah, I know. Long story.

2) Fred: it's a charter school--so your franchise comment isn't entirely incorrect.

3) No, my arms really are freakishly short. It happens when I'm doing straight punches, even. She has to get right up in my grill (LOL) for me to be able to reach her.

4) I think Fred called me a dumbass.

anna said...

lol at your T-rx arms!

My problem is that everything on me ix extrordinarily long - arms, legs, neck, torso, etc. It's fun trying to find extra long maternity shirts and pants, loads o fun ;)

Jen said...

So how big are you now? Are you showing?

Renee said...

You're what, three months? I bet, since you have such a flat tummy, it's probably getting a little rounder. How exciting!!

Do you have a Motherhood Maternity near you? It's been a while, but I thought they had different pant lengths... You're gonna be so hot, though, you may just want to stick to tshirts and shorts all winter :-)

anna said...

I'm not showing much but I'm growing out of my clothes, especially my pants after lunch. ;)

I did go to Motherhood Maternity last Friday and got a few cute, longer shirts and something like a bella band that keeps my pants up when I un-button them for a little extra room. It seems like a good store!