Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Court of Public Opinion

So LCB came over last night JUST to visit me for a while. He drove 40 minutes (round trip) to sit and hold my hand for like 30 (LOL, I TOLD you I was a baby). He even brought gifts of medicine and chicken noodle soup (which I'm pretty sure he shoplifted, since he had everything in his pants pockets). And unlike Renee's theory, NO, he didn't have a dirty "ulterior motive." He didn't even TRY. The raunchiest he got was when I asked him to check the Jello in the fridge. "Can you check and see if it's hard yet?" I drowsily asked--and, well, NO ONE would be able to let that comment fly without the obvious retort.

Like I said--yes, he wasn't the best boyfriend in the world and as much as I might want to, we could never get back together because I could never trust him...but he IS a damn good friend. I'm the first to admit that I'm a total pain in the ass when I'm sick, and the fact that he drove from the next town at 9:00 on a "school night" JUST TO willingly subject himself to that meant a whole lot to me. No, none of this makes up for or takes away the pain of the cheating--and trust me, everything isn't puppies and butterflies. There's still some resentment under the surface that occasionally pops up when we're hanging out. But to me, that's a separate issue from the friendship. It's like I'm dealing with two different people--Shawn the friend and Shawn the LCB. He fucked up, for sure. I'm not excusing the cheating and lying part at all...and yeah, he broke my heart. But maybe as my friend, he can also heal it.

Even MOM doesn't "hate him" anymore. Whoo hoo!!!!


Renee said...

I'll leave a condensed version of what I said in email.

No, he's not a bad person. Just a bad boyfriend who can't keep his dick in his pants. Or just in one girl's pants. Whatever. It was nice of him to come over and listen to you whine and shoplift chicken noodle soup for you, LOL. But NOW he's being a dick to his current girlfriend, cuz let's face it-- I'm sure he didn't call her and say "hey honey, I'm gonna go pick up some Nyquil and Chicken and Stars for my ex-girlfriend and go hang out with her while she's sick". Who would let THAT fly if they knew about it?

And again, your heart is my only concern, and if I knew it wasn't involved, I'd have no comment.

Jen said...

And you know what? Screw her if she DID have a problem with him being friends/hanging out with an ex. And I believe (I choose to, anyway) that he wouldn't stop the friendship even if she DID know and had a problem with it. And again: she knew he had a gf when they hooked up. What did she expect? Bitchy of me? Perhaps. but it's hard for me to care about her feelings when she did it to me, too. As far as I'm concerned, his relationship with her is entirely seperate from and has nothing to do with my friendship/relationship/whatever with him. My time with him is my time with him and htat's all I care about.

And like I said in that email, it's not like I'm putting my life on hold and pining away for him. I'm still dating and stuff.

Renee said...

I know, and I'm glad you're out there and dating and stuff. And I know you don't care about her, but put the shoe on the other foot-- if you were his gf and he told you he was gonna go hang out with his ex because she's sick and needs company, you would go OFF. Who wouldn't, considering we're talking about Mr. Happy Penis who wouldn't know the word "exclusive" if it bit him... in the penis. LOL.

Fred said...
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Jen said...

Okay that last part set me into one hell of a coughing fit from laughing so hard. LOLOLOL

Renee said...

LOL. Sorry. Glad I can make you laugh with my POV, though, since I know we have differing ones :-)

anna said...

I could really go for some chicken & stars soup and some jello. Have him stop by my place, would ya?

sparkydiva said...

so - i'm still a little doped up from having my appendix taken out, so i cant manage my usualy me just say this - he's doing to that poor girl exactly what he did to you. that should be enough to make you sit back and think about it. remember how shitty you felt when you even suspected it? and he was holding your hand even? that STINKS of betrayal. its not fair to her - OR TO YOU. shame on him.

we just love you and want whats best for you.

who knew all these drugs would make me sentimental. holy shit!

Jen said...

Sparky: was this appendix thing planned or unplanned? I hope you're feeling better!!!

And this "poor girl" took off for a weekend with him KNOWING ABOUT ME, so forgive me if my heart doesn't bleed for her. I figure, at least I'm in this with my eyes wide open, unlike last time, and if she was dumb enough to think he can be faithful after how they started their relationship, that's on her.

I love you too, though. =-)

Anna--are you sick, too?? Or just craving Jello and soup? LOL