Saturday, September 27, 2008

Light as a feather

(By the way--raise your hand if you used to play "light as a feather, stiff as a board" at sleepovers. That game was the shit.)

So anyway: I've lost 10 lbs since I started karate. I'm now within 5 lbs of where I was when I started my crazy pills and within 10 of where I really want to be. Part of it is the karate itself, of course--but more than that, karate makes me want to BE stronger, healthier and more fit, so I've been walking more and even doing some light (very light) arm weights. Plus, did I mention that our classes are conducted in front of a wall-length mirror (kind of like ballet)--which can be pretty damn depressing if you're not happy with how you look but are forced to stare at yourself for an hour 2-3 times a week. It can be quite the motivator, let me tell you.


sparkydiva said...

CONGRATS!! you've had me thinking about karate for awhile now, and i've been looking into a studio near our house - they have a family class that i want to take with pete. the only thing holding me back is us moving in three months. though i'm sure we can find one there, too. that's awesome.

i am raising my hand to light as a feather stiff as a board. and i am also copping to freezing bras of those who fell asleep first, singing into hairbrushes, lame dance routines while trying as hard as we could to look like madonna, gummy bear fights, the ouija board, and toilet papering. and that was just a couple of weeks ago! it was worse when i was a kid.

Jen said...

LOLOLOL Sparky. You're hysterical.

Nee, did we ever actually bust out a Ouija board? That might be fun for our next girls' weekend.

Fred said...

I can't raise my hand. Never heard of it.

I found your ten pounds. And then some.

I wonder if my girls are doing the same things Sparky did?

Jen said...

Fred: probably. =-) And then some, I'm sure.

Oh wait--was that not helpful?


lotusblossom said...

hand proudly raised!
I know Angela and i made a ouija board with a wood burner and an old table. we also had a portable one so we may have brought one over at some point. By the way do you remember those "scary" movies we used to get to watch at renees. I remember a hide and seek one. sleep over memories brought it back:)

Renee said...


Light as a feather was awesome. There was another thing we did similar to that, but I can't remember what it was...

Jen, we never did do ouija board stuff, because neither of our moms would let us get one. HOWEVER, I do recall trying to make one (not sure if it was with you or Kathie) out of cardboard and the little white plastic things in the Dominoes pizza box (that would have been the planchette). LOL.

Lisa, I'm a little bitter that you and Ang never brought the real ouija board over ;-) Did it work?

No frozen bras at our parties, but I do recall running down the street half-naked in the middle of the night as dares! Also, at Jen's, stealing Deb's wine coolers and walking over to the "dunes" to drink them. Also sneaking rum into our coke.

OOH! And concoctions. It's all fun and games until Jen throws up in your bed and you ask your mom to clean it up. LOLOLOL. That was disgusting.

I never actuall went tp-ing. John's yard got "forked" in high school. After one of his friends' graduation open houses, they had tons of plastic knives and forks leftover and stuck them all over in his yard. LOL. I find that one hilarious, and not as messy to clean up as toilet paper.

Oh, and Jen? Congrats on dropping the 10 lbs!

Fred said...

Thanks for the pick-me-up, Jen. Just what I needed.

Jen said...

I'm seriously feeling a ouja board at our next Girls Weekend.

Fred: sorry. Don't worry--most of it is harmless fun.

Renee said...

Yeah, Fred, don't worry too much. They may be past that age, anyway. And, look! We turned out FABULOUS, despite all the slumber party debauchery of our early teens! Yeah, one or two of us *may* have turned into drunken whores, but other than that little hiccup, we're fine ;-)

Renee said...

Oh, and I vote for ouija board action at next girls' weekend, too!

LOL. And maybe some "light as a feather, stiff as a board". Good luck levitating my ass, bitches!

Jen said...

"Yeah, one or two of us *may* have turned into drunken whores"------> LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

That was one of your funniest ones yet. I actually snorted. (And I don't think the Sparkster and Anna are gonna appreciate that, btw) ;)

And I also laughed at "Good luck levitating my ass, bitches".

Jen said...

OMG go read this

Renee said...

We're SO doing that at next girls' weekend!