Monday, September 29, 2008

Stupid grad school

I had to leave school early today to take a proctored exam for my Masters program (it was scheduled at my local university). This test covered everything I've learned since I started the program almost a YEAR ago--like 4 classes' worth. Now, I'll be the first to say that I didn't review as comprehensively as I should have--but even so, how do you study for THAT? Anyway, our tuition covers the cost of a student taking the exam up to two times for free (after that, the student has to pay the fee)--and thank God, because I'm pretty sure that I'll need to take that bad boy again. Yes, that's right--Jennifer the Super Student, who never failed an exam except once in college because, well, I slept in and MISSED the exam, has most likely failed a test. (I'll pause here for a collective gasp.) It was HARD, yo.

Now granted, this test is simply pass/fail, and I did know a good portion of the answers so it's basically going to come down to guesswork--did I guess enough questions correctly to push me over to the "pass" side? I'll find out later this week but, well, my instinct says that I failed. And that's not good. I'll just look at this one as a practice test, I guess. (Ironically, I took 2 "practice tests" prior to this one and passed them both--but not exactly with flying colors.)

Grad school is mad hard.


Renee said...

You're too hard on yourself, yo.

I'd wager money that you passed.

And you're gonna eat your words later this week when you tell us that you did, in fact, pass :-)

Fred said...

You'll pass it. I'll put in a few bucks in the pool.

Jen said...

LOL. I will bet 20 hypothetical dollars (cuz I'm broke) that I failed. This is not me being all false-modest; I seriously fear that I failed.

But thanks for the vote of confidence. Really.