Monday, August 27, 2007

Back on a multitude of wagons

First: now that I'm all mentally stable and what not (tee hee), I'm 2 weeks smoke-free again (as of this Wed., that is). This time, I'm using the nicotine gum, because cold turkey just wasn't cutting it. The gum really helps, too--I've only had 2 cigarettes in 2 weeks, which is a LOT better than I normally do (and both, of course, were when I was drinking).

However, whilst quitting smoking on and off during the last couple of months, I've also gained back 5 of my 10 heartbreak pounds I lost last month. All told, I'm about 10 pounds heavier than I was a couple of summers ago when I was thin and pretty happy with it (I was easily an 8--a 6 in some brands; now I'm still an 8, but a very uncomfortable, tight 8, closer to a 10). Oh, and plus, my crazy pills are known to cause weight gain as well. (My only consolation is that, even with the weight I've gained back, I'm still down almost 20 from where I used to be, so I'm happy about THAT.)

SO, to combat all of that, I'm going back on the eDiets bandwagon. It's what I used when I lost weight a couple of years ago, so I KNOW it works. Yes, I mainly need to count calories and write everything down (the key, I truly believe), but this helps to motivate me and get me organized. Plus I love the weekly food plan and the convenient shopping list it prints out.

I have to sign up for a minimum of 3 months and by then I should EASILY be at my goal weight. So, here we go:

Current weight: 150
Goal weight: 140


keesh said...

Good luck! what kind of food do you eat on this plan? Where do you get this plan at? I wouldn't mind losing 10...

Jen said...

I just signed up for the eDiets on Sunday. Today (Tues) one of the teachers commented on how skinny I looked. I was thinking, Man, this eDiets thing is AWESOME!! =-)

It's $17.95 a month (plus food) but it's cheaper than any other plan out there. Since I'm single, I chose the convenience plan, so my meal plans are a lot of lean cuisine's and things. But you can choose the recipe plan, so it gives you recipes for meals for the whole family and a prepared shopping list. It's all different kinds of food, but you can eliminate foods you don't like (in my case, fish and pork). I love it!

Renee said...

Good for you!! John used the gum when he quit chewing this time (in January), and it worked REALLY well for him, as cold turkey wasn't much of an option for him, either :-) I hope it works well for you, too!!

I haven't stepped on the scale this summer, but I know I've put weight on. I hadn't been working out at all, cuz it's just harder to do in the summer, especially at Curves because they don't have child care. But I'm gonna start the Weight Watchers thing again on Monday and Kristina and I are gonna get back in the Curves groove :-)

Anonymous said...

This is mom.

You can do it! (the quitting)

this is easier than trying to log in every time.

Anna said...

That's graet that you're making such healthy choices!
I've really been trying to eat better, sleep better, take vitamins and finally get back to exercising at least a bit for the first time since I moved 10 months ago. Better late than never for me!