Friday, January 27, 2006

Dammit, Rich.

LoB "tagged" me over at his blog, which--for those of you don't know--is basically a thing where you HAVE TO, in the name of all that is holy and right in blog world, answer a series of questions and then pass them on to four other people....kind of like one of those "getting to know you" emails, but, um, different. Once you're tagged, you're pretty much screwed. (And I know you did to see if I REALLY read your blog, btw, LoB. So HA.)

So here you go. (And I also added you to my list o' blogs.)

1: 4 jobs I've had:
Cashier at Burger King
Assembly line worker at a OTC-drug manufacturer
Media buyer
Special ed paraprofessional

2: 4 Movies I would see over and over again:
Steel Magnolias
Office Space

3: 4 Places I've lived:
Holland, Michigan
Allegan, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan
Southfield, Michgan

4: 4 Favorite TV shows:
Project Runway
American Idol
There and Back (with Ashley from O-Town, who is trying to make a comeback as a "legitimate" rocker...surprisingly good)

5: 4 Places I've been on Vacation:
Um...this is going to be sad.
Clearwater, Florida
Seriously, that's it. I've BEEN to more places, but not on "vacation."

6: 4 Favorite Foods:
Mexican (tacos especially)
McDonald's french fries
Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream

7: 4 Places I'd rather be:
Oklahoma ;)

8: 4 Sites I visit:
I don't really surf the net much....*snicker* (Juli in Iraq)

9: 4 Other Bloggers I'd wish this upon and also visit:
Nikki, even those she has disappeared

10: 4 Things I'd rather do than answer tags:
Have a cigarette
Read one of my new books
Walk on the treadmill, because as of this morning I was four-tenth of the way back into the 130s for the first time in forever and I'm super-motivated
Go for a drive


Fred said...

Not so fast, there, Missy. A tag means a few things to me:

1. Something you remove from a shirt.
2. A game I played forty years ago.
3. A fancy way of filing things in some of these blog programs.

What it doesn't mean to me is to "have to" answer these things. The only things I have to do are:
1. Pay taxes.
2. Die.
3. Have sex.

Not in that order, mind you. Any questions? :)

(Oh, and you do know there are 49 other states, right?)

Jen said...

LOL. Fine, Grumpy.

Nik said...

You Jen, are a snatch!! I reckon I'll play along with your silly lil shenanigans, but it'll have to wait til after I catch up with the rest of the bloggies. Oh and it kinda sucks, cuz I don't have anybody to tag (at least anyone who there's a possibility of playing along anyways).

Jen said...

Well look who's back...damn.

Renee said...

LOLOL to Fred AND Nikki. Glad to see you're alive, girl!

Jen, you've been on vacation to other places, even if when you were a kid. We vacationed to Washington, DC... lol. I guess I don't know where else you've gone for more than a weekend...

Renee said...

Jen, CONGRATS ON GETTING INTO THE 130'S! You are doing awesome :-)

Jen said...

LOLOL...we were in, like, 6th grade when we went to DC. With my grandparents. I'm not sure that counted.

Renee said...

Yes it did. Even though we were with your grandparents, we still had a blast.

You never did a Spring Break thing with your college girls?

Jen said...

No, I was always too poor so I just came home for Spring Break. Senior year was extra special, as I had my wisdom teeth pulled, since that was the last time I'd be home for an extended period of time while I was still on my dad's insurance. GOOD TIMES.

Renee said...

LOLOL. Yeah, that sounds like a blast :-) I desperately need to get my wisdom teeth pulled but I'm scared. So many people argue that I've given birth; why should I be afraid of having a few teeth pulled? It makes sense, but I'm still scared :-)

Anna said...

Don't forget that we vacationed for a weekend in lovely Southbend, IN!

LocuTus of Borg said...

Hehe yep just checking ...

LocuTus of Borg said...

That was funny Fred.

Wow and Nik's alive!

Ok so Jen ... Oklahoma - you would rather be?!? I don't get it. But you rock though ... chocolate and peanut butter ice cream - no other way!!

Anna said...

Yeah, why Oklahoma?

keesh said...

Jen - good job on the weight thing girlie! You go with your awsome self~

admit - Ok sometimes I watch that There and back show too ;). how can you not? I mean I must know if he makes it or not...

Renee said...

There's a guy in Oklahoma...

keesh said...

it is Thomas Nee, you silly goose.

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

ok a few thigs come to mind here.. need to vaction more
B, frd is freaking cracking me up here in the comment box,
3, 130,s good for you sista;)

Anna said...

I didn't know Thomas had moved to OK. I'm outta the loop.

Also of course WOO HOO on hitting the 130s!!! Way to go!!!

Jen said...

Yes, he was stationed in OK, but as of, oh, Saturday or so, he sucks ass so I'm taking Oklahoma off my list.

LocuTus of Borg said...

LOL I think it's just good to take Oklahoma off your list anyway >:P

Anna said...

I agree, OK doesn't sound like much fun.

I'm thinking more like CA, FL, AZ sort of warm places with sunshine and palm trees.

Renee said...

Or, like, Illinois or something.

Someone come visit me!

Anna said...

We'll come visit you! When do you want to have us?
Maybe Kishelle could even bring her son to play with yours.

Renee said...

LOL. I'm such a spoiled brat. My parents came two weekends ago and then our friends from South Bend came last weekend. This weekend we're going to Florida and I'm whining about wanting people to visit me :-)

I'm not sure when will work out, Anna... when we get back I'll look at the calendar and hopefully we can come up with something. You girls have fun this weekend!!

Jen said...

And now my guests are dropping like flies, LOL. OK it's not THAT bad, but Missy can't go now, and Nikki may not be able to as she's going in for her wisdom teeth either today or tomorrow so I'm not sure how she'll feel by Sat night (she is pretty tough though, LOL)...and if Nikki doesnt go then her friend Lynda probably won't go...jiminy.