Saturday, July 16, 2005

Update: I don't know if I measured incorrectly the first time or if this whole eating right and exercising thing is actually working, but my waist is now coming in at a 35.

Starting stats.

As promised, here are the numbers I'm working with. (And waist measurement HAS gone down since I started a month ago. In fact, there is now actually a difference between my waist and hip measurement. As friends and family can attest, even when I was thin, I never really had a dip in my waist; I just went straight down. So the fact that there's a differential actually thrills me. I keep putting my hand on my side and feeling that inner curvature.)

Okay, enough stalling.

Bust: 42
Waist: 36 (and remember, that's actually smaller than it was. It used to be, like, 105)
Hips: 39

My main concern and focus, obviously, is that middle number.

So there we go. I'm putting them out there for the world to see. Be kind.

We'll see how much we can get those numbers to change in the next few months.


Renee said...

Wow, I'm really proud of you for putting them up here! I'll have to see what mine are before I decide whether or not to do it, too.

And CONGRATS on having a waist now! :-)

Renee said...

Alright, I'll post mine. Only because two of them are the same as yours.

Bust: 42
Waist: 36
Hips: 48
(Hey, I told everyone Baby Got Back was my song; I wasn't joking)

My main concern(s) and focus are all of the above. But mostly waist and hips. I'm doing 2-3 hour-long classes per week... Mon and Fri is aerobics, Tuesday is Pilates. But I haven't done any this week because of Brent being sick (can't take him to the childcare thing there if he's sick). And we're on vacation next week, so while I vow to use the exericse room at the hotel, we'll also be eating out a lot :-)

And when Brent gets back into school, I'll be going to my place at LEAST three times a week, hopefully all five. Then I'll get a good variety of workouts, too-- Aerobics, Pilates, Step Aerobics, Weight Training, Aerobics again. And I'm actually ENJOYING working out, so that's a huge bonus.

Anyway, I think 42-30-42 is a good goal for me. (an hourglass shape is defined by the bust and hips being about the same measurement and the waist being at least 12 inches smaller). I just pulled that goal out of my ass; I'm not sure if it's attainable by Christmas or not, but wouldn't life be grand if it is?

I've never been SKINNY; I've always had decent sized boobs and some junk in my trunk. Which I'm fine with; I'd just like my flat stomach and all-over tonedness back. *sigh*

Okay, going to order some pizza ;-)

Renee said...

Could I *be* any more long-winded? Shit!

SparkyDiva said...

you GO girls! i'm *so* not that courageous!!

Renee said...

Thanks, Sparky! I'm not sure if "courageous" is the right word, though. Maybe more like... insane or something :-)

Fred said...

Wow - you guys have so much to worry about. I thought it was just a weight loss thing. Y'know -just lose ten pounds and then you're done. I guess not. Good luck.

Of course, the hardest part is keeping it off. It's so danged easy to cheat a bit here, then cheat a bit there; suddenly the weight starts bouncing back.

At least I know I'm talking to ladies with healthy boobs. (Can I say that?)

Renee said...

LOL! Sure you can say that, Fred!

And actually, I *would* be happy losing 10 lbs. And keeping it off. Cuz even that would be a huge improvement!

Jen said...

Did Fred just call us fat?

Jen said...

Oh, and I meant to say, Renee--good goal. I'm still doing my goal by weight instead of inches...but a 30 in waist sounds good to me, too. I'd be happy if the hips stayed where they are, roughly (maybe a couple inches less).

Renee said...

No, he didn't call us fat! Do you mean when he said "wow- you guys have so much to worry about"? Cuz I think he was referring to my measurement rant and how, instead of just losing weight, I desired certain measurements.

Jen said...

Yeah, and " Y'know -just lose ten pounds and then you're done. I guess not." LOL.

Fred said...

Thanks for defending me, Renee. Jen's a bit touchy, and she's not even deprived of her favorite foods yet.

Renee said...

LOLOL. Yeah, I think she was actually afraid someone would say something mean about her weight. She tends to take innocent comments and turn them into biting remarks :-)

Hey, guess what I just read in Cosmo?

"Another perfect-body myth busted: Just 8 percent of women in the U.S. have a classic hour-glass figure-- they sport balanced boobs and hips with a small, tapered waist, according to researchers at North Carolina University."

That's refreshing!

Jen said...

I am TOO deprived of my favorite foods.

Well, okay, not "deprived." But I've cut way down. And that's not fun either.

I'm never gonna have an hourglass figure, though. You guys have seen me--I'm just not built that way. I just want to get my numbers down and I'll be happy.

Jen said...

Like tonight, for my snack when I got hungry, I had freakin' carrot sticks. THAT IS NOT FULFILLING, REFRESHING **OR** SATISFYING.

Renee said...

LOLOLOL. Yes it is, just keep telling yourself that it is. Plus, carrots are good for your eyes!

Anna said...

Go Girls! You ROCK!

It's great that you're both out and working towards specific goals!

Nik said...

I saw something the other day and it said that the average woman wears a size 14 pants and I know you're smaller than me!
I'm proud of you and keep up the awesome work.
I would put my measurements up, but I honestly don't know them. I just work out and don't get into all the statistics. Just a word of advice: I know you've got specific goals and all, but don't make it such a numbers game. Just do your workout,eat better, and you'll start to see the improvement. If you focus on the numbers only, it's really easy to get downhearted and you can mentally destroy yourself. Best of luck to you in your quest!

Jen said...

Good points, Nik.

LocuTus of Borg said...

Those are great goals and keep at 'em - like Fred said, keeping it off is the harder part. Fred that was a funny comment, guess you got a few little hits there haha.

(I was going to comment on the bust size of 42, but think Fred took care of that haha)