Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Much Awaited Vacation Post

This is gonna be long. But you guys asked for it...

As some of you know, John came home on the 14th and told me that he was taking the following week off work and that his parents were watching Brent for us on Mon, Tues and Wed. He told ME, indecisive ME, to decide where we were gonna go for our three gloriously free days. What a sweet surprise, no?

I chose Traverse City (for those non-Michiganders, it's about as NW as you can get in the Lower Peninsula of MI). We go there quite often, and we both love it up there. I was tempted to pick somewhere different, but with only three days to plan, I went with the familiar.

We got up Monday morning and drove the three hours to the in-laws. As soon as we walked in, Brent was asking Grandpa to turn on the air. They have no AC; only breeze from the lake, which was nonexistent that day. Brent's hair was soaked with sweat after being there for about 20 minutes. Time for us to get the hell out of there and for Grandma and Grandpa to throw him in the lake :-) He didn't want us to go, and when we got in the van, he started crying. We found out later that after we were gone, he threw himself on the ground and cried for a few minutes. He's just a teensy bit dramatic.

We got up to Traverse City around 7. We checked into THE most wonderful hotel room (aside from Cancun) at The Cherry Tree Inn and Suites( We were on the first floor, and had French doors that opened up to a patio right on the water. About 5 steps out our door and down some stairs and we were on the beach. The breeze was heavenly.

So we got settled and freshened up for dinner at Boone's Long Lake Inn ( I wish they had pictures of the food on the site, cuz you just have no idea! We go there every time we're in Traverse; the food is SO GOOD and the portions are insane. It's very lodge-y inside, exposed wood beams and etc. If you're ever up in that area, you've GOT to experience the love that is Boone's :-)

After dinner, we ventured to a little... um... sex toy shop. While we've each been to them separately, we've never been in one together, so that was fun. We then went back to the hotel to use our purchases, which I will not go into further detail about (Deb, if you read this, please don't ever mention it to me, lest I throw up. Thank you).

We got up Tuesday morning and sat outside for a little bit. The weather was PERFECT-- not a cloud in the sky, low 70's, breezy... incredible. We went to a local place called Mabel's for breakfast. Again, excellent food. I got the most wonderful creation-- hashbrowns FILLED with tomatoes, onions, peppers, sour cream and cheese. Not like stirred up together, but like... a jelly donut or something. I don't know how they did it, but it was so good. John got "the best omelet he's ever had".

After breakfast, we went miniature golfing, then to a movie. We saw The Wedding Crashers. If you have not seen this movie, stop reading and go now. GO! It was the funniest movie I have seen in a really long time and I developed a huge crush on Vince Vaughn who is just a big hunk of sexiness. The movie was so good that I actually went to see it again with my sister last weekend. The movie theater is in the mall, so we walked the mall, looking for something to get Brent. I also ended up getting a few things for my soldier :-)

We took a long drive up the coast (is it still called a coast when it's a lake rather than ocean?), up into Leelanau. We did not go to the casino (or any other ones up there) cuz it just looked too small and... I don't know. We were spoiled by Vegas, I guess. Later that night, we had dinner at The best Mexican food we've both ever had. Looks like they're only up in Northern Michigan, but again-- if you're ever up there, you must go to Red Mesa Grill! Since we'd never been there, we wanted to try a variety of things, so John ordered the Fredrico Platter and I the Maria Special. Obviously way more food than we could ever eat, but I'm glad we did that cuz we got to try so many different things. And lemme tell ya-- you've not had a tostada until you've had one from this place. The "shell" is made from Mayan Fry Bread. It was like a quarter-inch thick and so full of corn flavor... it was so good. All of the meat was really juicy and tender... and I can't forget to mention the Tart Cherry Margarita I downed in about 3 minutes. YUM! *Quick little history lesson for those unfamiliar with this area-- 3/4 of the tart cherries in the nation and over one tenth of the sweet cherries are grown in Michigan and Traverse City has an annual Cherry Festival, which we missed by a week. We did buy lots of sweet cherries, though, and like the rednecks that we are, used a Target bag to spit the pits into while driving. Yeah, baby!*

That's essentially it. Wednesday we mosied our way back down to reality and to the in-laws. It was very relaxing and it recharged our batteries. LOL. Figuratively and literally, I guess ;-) Came home Thursday afternoon, took Brent to the fair on Friday, I hung out with my sister on Sunday. End of vacation :-( LOL. I feel like all I talked about was food! Of course, I guess the alternative is sex, and I'm not going there with ya'll.

But today John got to go to the Buick Open in Grand Blanc and actually TALKED to Mark O'Meara. And unlike at the Ryder Cup, he was able to get really close to the players; he said he was standing about 10 ft from Tiger on his last hole and got to watch him crush his drive, which is so incredible in real life that it gave him chills. Tiger is beautiful. That's about the extent of MY interest in golf, so this will conclude my post. Finally.


Jen said...


"Deb, if you read this, please don't ever mention it to me, lest I throw up"--->I had to stop and read that part to Jeff, since I was laughing so hard that I had tears rolling down my face.

For the record, I dont THINK she still checks the blog, cuz she hasn't mentioned anything to me and she's not exactly the Picture of Discretion. Then again, she may be trying to lay low. Still, I think that she just forgot about it, seeing as how she's old.

(Tee hee)

No but really Renee, it sounds like a truly wonderful weekend.

Nik said...

Glad you kids had fun! Two things, since you recently developed your crush on Vince, I gotta tell you girl, he's sooo mine. I had first dibs on him,(wanted to get real freaky-naughty with him a long time ago) so hate to tell you, but he's mine!
Secondly, thanks for the history lesson about cherries, I'll remember that when I'm on Jeopardy!
But for real, sounds like you had a good time and I'm disappointed that you're not gonna go filthy smut with us, but that's so your choice.

keesh said...

Glad you had fun!! it sounds like a great time. we have been there a few time and i LOVE TRAVERSE CITY!

BTW - you went to a sex toy shop instead of consulting your sex toy sales lady?

Anna said...

lol at the comments- y'all are silly ;)

What a great weekend! Good one sticking with Traverse City since with the short planning time. My boss, Melissa’s grandmother used to own the land that the Cherry Tree Inn sits on. I’d like to stay there-was it terribly expensive? Thanks for the restaurant tips! I’m going to save them for next time Tim & I go up.

Tim & I LOVED the area when we went there this year and are looking forward to going back. We could all meet there next year for the Cherry Festival. It would be fu-u-un!

Anna said...

I want to see The Wedding Crashers!

I've always thought Vince Vaughn was yum-my! He's so funny and tall and hot with great timing, but I digress.

Tim doesn't wanna go but I want to see it. Jen, would you want to go with me?

LocuTus of Borg said...

Wow that sounds like a great vacation!! Glad you had a great time. Going local places and just spending time together is exciting. I remember going with my ex-wife up to a little inn in northern New Hampshire and doing nothing but having good food, sex, and relaxing. So Renee, I am sure that there was the alternative and we all have filthy minds here to figure it out >:P haha. Too bad vacations end and have to come back to reality.

Renee said...


Jen: I kinda figured she'd forgotten about it, too, but as soon as I typed the sex stuff, it gave me pause :-)

Nikki: Why do we always have to love the same men? First Stevie Y, now Vince? Like Anna said, he's just so tall and a little beefy, and just... so incredibly tasty :-) But I guess you should have him, since I've never really had a thing for him until this movie. Sigh. Bitch :-) And I really don't think you guys want to know the details of my sex life :-)

Kish: LOL, I don't think Jen sells Pure Romance anymore. Plus it was more fun to go into a STORE with him than shop a catalog :-)

Anna: the hotel wasn't that expensive, for the area... $209/night for the room we got. The ones on upper floors facing the water were a little less, and the ones NOT facing the water were less than that. But the room had a small fridge and microwave, a little sink, cupbord, coffee maker, hairdryer, etc. I think it was well worth it. Again, with it being a touristy area, the prices are gonna be higher for everything. I would LOVE to meet up there for Cherry Festival next year!!! Who else is in? Re: the movie- it's not a chick flick at all; guys love it! There's some really sick humor, and there's an old grandma in it who says the most inappropriately funny shit!

LoB: yeah, I think when you have time away from the kid, good food, good sex and relaxing is the best thing one can do :-) And it is too bad vacations have to come to an end... why can't they just last forever? I guess we wouldn't appreciate them as much if they did. But a whole week would have been even better :-)

Jen said...

$200 a night???? Yeah, that's not bad at all...if you're a freakin HILTON.

Anna, I'd love to go see the movie but we'd have to wait for like 2 weeks when I get paid. (I'm having to wait for a full MONTH to get my first check.) But it's a date!

Nik said...

Nee- as usual, I'm more than willing to share Vince with you. Got nothing but love for ya girl!

keesh said...

Yeah Nee - $200 a night is like INSANE when you are dirt poor. I am saving to go to New Orleans this Fall with my Mother in Law. Got family there, so no hotel and no car rental, but still, food, and airline is going to kill me. Should probably run that by my husband. They also want me to bring my son, so that will be interesting, his first flight, but he keeps saying he wants to fly with his Dad whenever he flies, so we shall see...

Renee said...

LOL Jen. Okay, $200 a night isn't CHEAP, but for THAT AREA, in the summer, it's average. Shit, my sister's hotel in Saugatuck/Douglas, NOT on the water, with no fridge and microwave in the room, summer rates are $189 for a regular room with 2 Queens or 1 King. We could have easily gotten a cheaper room, but not on the water, which we really wanted.

Thanks for sharing again, Nik :-)

Kish, New Orleans sounds AWESOME! John's parents went to Mardi Gras last year (and stayed right on Bourbon street; they're so retarded), which I am SO NOT interested in, but they said the area is just incredible. I'm nervous about Brent's first flight, too, especially since he hates being in the car. Won't be until next Spring anyway, so hopefully he'll be even better by then :-)

Fred said...

What a great vacation! It's amazing how much there is to do locally. One of the TV stations here runs a weekly segment entitled "Vacation on a full tank of gas." We always watch it to get some great things to do within driving distance.

Renee said...

I want a weekly segment like that! LOL. Maybe there IS one; I just don't watch the news. I'll check into it, though, and if there ISN'T one, I'm writing and suggesting :-)

Fred said...

Renee: Here's the link to the recent trips from Tampa. It'll give you an idea of the kind of stories they do.

Renee said...

Thanks Fred!!

Btw, how do you guys get the link to say "here" instead of the whole link? I tried to do that on my post, but I just couldn't get it. And I tried for like an hour, damn it!

Anna said...

LoB- I'm with you on wanting vacations to last forever!

I saw Wedding Crashers this weekend. (sorry Jen, but I'll go again with you) Very Funny! Tim Loved it, was laughing so hard we were worried he'd hurt himself ;)

Renee said...

Yay!! I'm glad he went with you-- especially knowing he enjoyed it so much!

Wasn't the grandma hilarious?

Anna said...

Yes, all very funny :)