Saturday, March 01, 2008

Operation: Birthday a rip-roaring * success!

(*Renee: the "rip-roaring was for you, to continue our new tradition of using old and utterly gay phrases.)

But no, seriously, it was. Here are the highlights:

The Cake. After a mini-episode and panicked phone call to Renee, who assured me that it WAS okay to buy rather than bake a cake, especially since I was cooking dinner, I scouted out an amazing double-chocolate cake with raspberry filling and almonds, chocolate wafers and chocolate-covered strawberries on top. I knew I had done well when I literally had people from the next checkout lane coming over to admire it, but HIS reaction was even better. He was genuinely touched and actually took pictures of it. He said it was the best cake he had ever gotten. And yes, it tasted just as good as it looked.

Dinner. Thanks to Renee for the lasagna recipe. It turned out fantastic. (If anyone needs a good, pretty easy recipe, ask Renee.) He watched me, fascinated, as I made it (he's a good cook but had never attempted lasagna before) and even started to "backseat cook" ("That layer could use some more sauce, maybe"). It was fun. At one point I caught him gazing--yes, gazing--at me almost adoringly. It was so cute. But that doesn't even COMPARE to his reaction to...

The Present. (See previous posts for conversation regarding the actual present.) It wasn't delivered until yesterday afternoon around 4, so I was getting a bit nervous. I wrapped it and headed out. I was just GIDDY all evening, since I couldn't wait to give it to him. We agreed he'd open it while the lasagna was cooking. It was finally time, and I started to worry--maybe I had over-estimated the awesomeness of this present. Maybe he didn't like this artist as much as I thought he did. He started to open it and saw the back of the book first, which had one of his paintings on it--but he still didn't get what it was. He finished tearing off the paper, flipped it over....and oh my gosh, I wish you could have seen the reaction. His mouth dropped open, he kind of gasped, and he looked from the book, to me, to the book, to me a few times. Then he kind of said, "What did you DO? How did you...?" Then he came over and just gave me the longest hug. You could tell that he was genuinely touched and happy. It was truly one of the coolest moments of my life, watching that kind of reaction. It was so genuine and pure and just...HAPPY. When he was able to speak again (truly, it was a while--he sat down, looked through the pages, periodically looking up to say, "Jen, thank you so much. This is just awesome/amazing/sweet/wonderful"), he asked how in the world I thought of this. I just kind of shrugged and explained how I came about finding it.

Anyway, the rest of the night was great. We ate dinner on the balcony again with jazz playing. He had 2 bottles of champagne for the occasion, which we went through pretty quickly, LOL. We had the cake. We watched TV until midnight (officially his birthday). Then we went to bed, because hey, he ain't gettin' any younger. ;)

This morning, he made fruit salad and we had breakfast outside. He kind of poked around his fruit and said, sadly, "I'm old." "No you aren't, babe," I said supportively. "These days, 37 is nothing. Especially for guys." "Yeah, you know what they say," he replied. "37 is the new 4."

Oh my god, I laughed so hard.

So yes, this post in lengthy but seriously, that moment of him opening that present will stay with me forever. The look on his face--how truly touched and just shocked he was--was priceless. When he looked up at me, we had kind of a moment. A big one, actually.

Oh--and his parents DO know about me now. ;) Whoo hoo!


Renee said...

I must say, I got a little verklempt reading about the present! I'm so happy everything went so well!!! I actually just sent you an email saying "since I didn't get any phone calls last night, I'm assuming dinner went off without a hitch?" Another old and gay phrase :-)

YAY!!! I'm so geeked for you right now. Sounds like you gave him one of his best and most memorable birthdays ever and THAT, my friend, is SO COOL.

What did he tell his parents about you? Don't say you don't know, cuz I know you asked for transcripts of the conversation ;-)

Jen said...

LOL. Just that he was dating someone, she was a teacher, very sweet, blah blah blah. That's all I got out of him. But he was seeing them today so maybe they'll learn more, esp. when they see the cake and present and stuff. Oh, and he did tell them that I was cooking him dinner for his bday. That kind of stuff.

Jen said...

And seriously, I keep replaying that moment in my mind. Watching it dawning on him what he was actually holding and that I had even thought of that--it was so cool.

Renee said...

:-))))))) I can't stop smiling for you!

Jen said...

I didn't even tell you the two REALLY good things.

As we were getting ready for bed, I was teasing him about how he was crazy about me before we even met. (Right before we met face to face, he went to vegas for a week for work--and he sent me drunk texts the whole time.) I teased him, "You were all, 'So, if we get along, do you want to move in?' " We were laughing about his drunkeness and then he goes, "Well, maybe someday. Who knows." =-)

It gets even better. While we were eating breakfast, we got on the topic of traditional male-female roles in relationships (just your average light morning chat, LOL), and I said that although it was old fashioned, I DID believe that there are certain things that men and women should each do in a relationship. I did tell him, however, that the fact that women have "obey" in their marriage vows while men don't was a little much for me. "I don't like that," I said.

And I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure his response was, "Well we can BOTH say it then."

....The reason I can't be sure is because almost as soon as he said it, he kind of quickly moved on to the next topic, LOL.

And the NEW Jen knew to let him. =-)

Renee said...

LOLOLOL. Good job, New Jen!

I don't think they put "obey" in vows anymore. We didn't have them in ours. John says we did when he wants me to do something, but we really didn't :-)

keesh said...

I am not sure if i am just tired or what, but I actually cried reading this. Not like sobbing or anything, but a tear or two. I am so happy for you!! And my Shawn just turned 38 in Feb, so he is young :). Plus, you want a guy of your maturity, so that is about 5 years plus your age :). HA! Congrats and way to go!

Jen said...

Thanks Kish!!

I gotta say though. I feel very very uncomfortable being this happy in a dating relationship. Because you know, the bigger they are, the harder they fall....and the more you like someone, the more it'll hurt if/when it all ends. I dont know how to get around that. that's why it's hard to just "relax and enjoy it"...because especially after this weekend i feel a little more "involved" than I did...but putting yourself out there is scary.

Renee said...

But it's the only way to do it. Yeah, it's scary, but if you don't put your heart on the line, you get nothing in return!

Anna said...

That is All SO AWESOME! The whole night sounds so perfect! I'm so happy for you :)