Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm going to be a Ghostbuster!

I won't actually be bustin'.....but I WILL be huntin'.


I should talk to the lady tonight....I'll keep you updated. I'm not sure exactly what the schedule would entail, etc.--obviously, I can only do it on weekends for now because these investigations are done at night, duh--but how AWESOME!!!! (Especially during the summer, when I CAN do it during the week, etc.)

Seriously....are any of you REALLY surprised? ;)


Renee said...

"Experience and equipment are preferred" LOLOLOLOL. Jen, do you have your ghostbuster equipment ready?

As much as I'm laughing, I still look forward to hearing about your hunting trips :-)

Jen said...

oh i didnt see that part. =-)

well i told them i had NO experience and she emailed me back right away

Anna in MN said...

This is by far the strangest thing you've gotten into in a while. You're never boring, my friend :)

Remembering our trip to the haunted house, can you even imagine me doing this? Not so much. ;)

Nik said...

Some of the things you come up with! LOL Where in the heck did this idea come from? You never cease to amaze Jen.

I wish you good luck with this and can't wait to hear some stories.

Jen said...


That's all I have to say.

Nik: Craig's List. I was putting up an ad for tutoring and somehow I came across this.

Anna said...

Are your eardrums still ringing and do you still have claw marks and bruises on your arms from my dragging you through the maze as I screamed in terror?

Nik said...

Hey Jen,
when do you start training for this? (just curious what it's like)

Jen said...

I don't know. I haven't called her back yet. It's progress note week. =-)

keesh said...

wow. Well, you can bring your posse to our little hometown here when you become a professional ghostbuster. we have several haunted locations. I wouldn't be able to sleep if i did ghostbusting...my question is, do you believe the exisit or are you out to prove they don't? :)

Jen said...

Oh, I believe!

Jen said...

Frankly, Im' surprised so many of you were on board with this. You KNOW damn well the chances of my actually seeing it to fruition were next to nill.

Yeah, that's right-- I'm already bored with it.

Now I'm big into astronomy (again). Took the Little to the planetarium today. Bought an "intro to star gazing" book. NOw I just need a telescope.

Cuz really...when the f. am I going to have time to go ghostbusting???