Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy Birthday

Shawn (the new guy--5 weeks strong, LOL) is this coming weekend. It's always hard when there's some kind of major holiday shortly after you start dating: gift card? regular card? gift? how much? how personal? So I've been kicking this around in my head.

Well last night while I was over there, he was showing me some stuff on his computer. (No, not the porn.) ;) It was some paintings by Peter Max, an Andy Warhol-type "pop art" guy. It was obvious that he really liked his work, as he spent a considerable amount of time going through the slides. And an idea was born.

Once I got home, I jumped on MY computer and did a search for "Peter Max." Twenty minutes later, I had it. There's a BEAUTIFUL coffee table book filled with his work (260+ pages); according to the reviews by customers. Even better, they had the $50 on sale for $31, which is almost exactly the amount of the gift card I got for Valentine's Day. (I'm not saying that in a tit-for-tat, "that's what you spent on me so that's what you're getting back" kind of way; rather, it let me know that I was in an acceptable price range for where we are--wherever that may be, LOL. Although, I will say that every time we hang out we do seem to get a little closer and more "couple-y." I guess this is how NORMAL people do it, huh?) ;)

Anyway, I had to upgrade to 2-day shipping to make sure it's here for the big day, but it's going to be so totally worth it. I really think he's going to like it. I think it struck that balance of being a personal gift that shows I listen, know what his interests are and care about him, but it's not TOO personal, mushy or "lovey."

OK, I've spent enough time analyzing this gift (LOL...there's no amount of meds in the world for that, I'm coming to find out. That's not the bipolar....that's just ME.) I'll let you know how it goes over. *

*Having said that: knowing my track record, I'll go over there tonight, at which point he'll announce that he fell in love with a supermodel while running errands this afternoon and it's officially over, effective immediately.)


Nik said...

I hope Shawn has a very Happy Birthday, whenever it is!

Jen, the gift you got him IS awesome, so don't think any more about it. It's perfect and you're exactly right. It doesn't scream, "let's go pick out dish patterns or name our future children". Nor does it scream "hey, you're a cool, random guy, who's name I can't quite remember, so I got you this gift card". Cool beans that ya got a deal on it too!

Stop thinking about the entire scenario altogether (especially the supermodel bit). You're gonna get yourself all worked up and drive yourself mad, so this coming weekend doesn't exist until then, okay! ;)

Anna said...

Nice present!

How did it go?

Jen said...

NEXT weekend.

But I did see him Fri and Sat nights, which was cool.

Renee said...

I think your gift is AWESOME and it does strike a perfect balance. I'm sure he'll love it! And I'm with Nik-- stop dwelling on it!