Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I had my date last night with my "big" Valentine.

And I had my date today with my 22 little ones.

In case you don't remember from your school days, Valentine's Day is like Christmas, the 4th of July and Halloween rolled into one. Seriously, it's HUGE. On top of that, the 5th grade ran a Candy-Gram fundraiser (chocolate rose suckers to be delivered today)--and, since I'm the one who was kind of heading it up, my class was (by proxy) in charge of the prep and delivery. Needless to say, it was not the most productive of days. It was, however, a lot of fun.

First, they had to Shower the Teacher with Gifts. I am currently looking at 7 heart boxes of chocolate, a tube of chocolate hearts, and random other pieces of chocolate. I have 2 beautiful chococlate roses. I have 5 adorable stuffed animals (and half were from my boy students, which surprised me).

We took took of CandyGram deliveries first thing this morning. Then--because I'm the most evil of teachers--I gave them both a social studies test AND a science test. And after was Valentine time. (I wanted to do it before lunch, since we have reading after lunch and I didn't want to take away from that.)

We passed out our Valentine's (SO. MUCH. FUN.) and while they were looking through their "mailboxes", I passed out juice and chips and various snacks that the kids had brought. Lots of kids brought candy, too, of course. One mom brought in a cookie decorating kit (and, thank God, stuck around to help with the execution, LOL). The kids were actually very well-behaved (after bouncing off the walls most of the morning; giving them their candy and Valentine's seemed to soothe the savage beast). As they sat there, contentedly reading Valentine's, eating, and talking to their friends, I overhear X., my student from Guatamala, say, "This is the best day EVER."

(And the funniest thing about it was that he wasn't even talking to anyone. He was just sitting at his desk, munching on a cookie, delirious with happiness. It was adorable.)


Anna said...

That does sound like such a fun day! I just love the idea that you helped make a kid's Best Day Ever!

It was a pretty fun day at work for me. One of my friends brought in a super yummy strawberry cake.

Nik said...

It sounds like you all had a fun day. I remember the school Valentine's Day parties, they were a blast. The best day ever story is too cute.
What the heck are you gonna do with all that candy? Oh and who got the chocolate rose suckers? Did people order them for others in the school or were they for people outside of school?

Oh and I'd like to hear more about this "big" Valentine. ;)

Jen said...

The chocolate rose suckers were mostly sent from the kids to their friends, teachers, crushes, etc. Some ordered them for moms and dads though, and some moms and dads ordered them for their kids. All together, about 300 that we had to put together, label, sort, and deliver. We had SOME fall out from kids who said they bought one and never got it, but nothing we couldn't handle. My little factory workers just assembled them as the calls came in. =-)

I'm trying not to say too much about Shawn cuz you know how I jinx things. ;) It's been about a month, we just reached the part where he can call it a "relationship" WITHOUT being drunk =-) , but we're going slow (crazy idea, I know), seeing each other once or twice a week. This week, though, we may hit 3, so things are stepping up. ;) Great guy, we'll see what happens

Nik said...

Gotcha-- it sounds like the suckers were a hit.

And gotcha on the guy situation, I'll say nothing more until you do. ;)