Sunday, November 04, 2007

Something I never thought I'd say....

It's often hard to leave a relationship you've been in for a long time. Even if you do find yourself wondering, "Is there something more out there?", you often don't have the courage to find out. I mean, what you have is GOOD, right? It WORKS. It's lasted for quite a while. This is a very long-term relationship. It's safe. It's comfortable.

Imagine my inner turmoil, then, when I discovered a body wash that I liked MORE than Bath and Body Works'.

I know. For me, that amounts to blasphemy.

BBW, I still love ye. When it comes to body butters, creams, lotions and various other accessories, you're the one who has my heart. We'll still be friends. That will NEVER change. I'll still be by to see you. You've been an important part of my life for too long to break ties completely. Hey, I just discovered your overnight acne repair! I'm not going anywhere!

But I've found someone else, and I want to see where this will lead.

Olay Ribbons Body Wash, my friends. OH. MY. GOD. It really DOES make your skin smoother after just one wash. And the smell. The exquisite smell. It's luxury in a bottle, all for the cost of--well, I don't know, 'cuz I got it in my basket, but it has to be cheaper than BBW. (OK I just went online; the one I have is Olay Body Wash with Creme Ribbons, pink, for $6.99. It's a big-ass bottle though.)

They promise amazing things after five days of use. I, however, am hooked after just one.

Wish us luck and happiness together.


Renee said...

LOLOL. I wondered where you were going with all that seriousness! My sister loves the Olay Ribbons stuff, too. Maybe I ought to give it a whirl!

Nik said...

You're frickin insane. At first, I thought, Oh great here goes Jen on one of her relationship rants again and then I find you're talkin about body stuffs. Hehehe
I wish you and your new love the best of luck. Be sure to give BB&W some love every now and then.

anna said...

Wow! That must be good stuff!