Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pomegranates and meteorologists

(As Chandler from Friends would say, "Could you BE any more random?" But that's what I got for ya today.)

Have you ever had a pomegranate? Frankly, I don't remember seeing them ever in my life in Michigan. Then again, they look kind of like a big red onion from the outside, so if I did see them I probably brushed right past them. Well, our grocery store here had a big display of them, so figured, what the hell.

And they are SO GOOD.

You crack them open and take out the seeds--THOSE are the part you eat, not anything else. And they're sweet and tangy. So good. So if you haven't had one, try to find one. Now. Pomegranate season only run another month or two.

Next: we just finished a unit on weather for science. I used my P.R.-knowledge and got the morning meteorologist from Fox to come in and talk to the kids yesterday. It went well, too. They behaved very well during the actual presentation. They got a little antsy during the Q and A but it DID kind of run long. SO many kids had questions, which is great, but we finally had to cut it short or we'd be there all day. It was cool, too, because I went up the office to meet him and walk him back to the cafeteria. Well, when we walked back in with him, the kids--totally spontaneously and on their own--burst into cheers and applause for him. It was actually a pretty cool moment and I know he appreciated it (albeit was a bit surprised).

So....yeah. Everything else is fine. Crazy busy this weekend with tests in every subject to grade plus standardized tests the kids had to take (we have to grade a few questions by hand). PLUS I already spent most of the afternoon working on that class I'm taking. And I'm going bowling later tonight, too, so I better quit fartin' around so I can get some grading in before I go. =-)


anna said...

Pomegranates are good but they're so much work to dig out the little seeds that I don't get them very often. Oranges are a lot of work too and they're messy.

How lazy have I gotten? Fruit seems like too much work!

I swear I'm joining a gym this week!

Renee said...

LOLOL Anna :-) I just bought a pomegranate today. Haven't had one in years, but I used to like them. And I like pomegranate juice, so it should be good.

But I'm kinda with you, Anna, on the whole inconvenience of some fruits. I don't eat oranges at ALL because of how frickin messy they are. And I'm one of those freaks who has to have ALL the white shit peeled off before I can eat it. It seriously takes me like a half hour to get my orange suitable for consuming. Not worth it! Especially because you never know if you're peeling into a really good orange or a completely flavorless one. It's just too stressful! ;-) I love clementines, though, and they're easier to peel, so I'm looking forward to them pretty soon. I guess I just prefer the perfect simpleness of apples, pears, bananas and grapes. They're easy and tidy and yummy.

We're horrible, you know. :-)

anna said...

And that is one of the many reasons why I love you! You get me :)

Renee said...

I wuv you too, Anna :-)

Nik said...

You girls are frickin hilarious! The breakdown of the inconvenience of fruit has me crying from laughing so hard. I so needed a good belly laugh right now.

I've never had an actual pomegranate, but I heart it's juice. I made the mistake of buying a quince the other day. I've never had one and I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't realize that they don't recommend you eat them raw. I'm still going to try it though.

Jen- have you ever had passion fruit? It's kind of expensive and it looks like snot, but it's soooooo good. It's my favorite fruit now, seriously. The more wrinkled they are, the better and you can eat the seeds too.

Oh hope all the teacher stuff is going alright and that your own studies are progressing splendidly. Kudos on getting the meterologist to come out to your school.

Renee said...

testing, testing... i've been unable to comment for two days!

Renee said...

Oh, yay!

Nik, I'm glad we could provide some much-needed comedic relief for you :-)

I've never had a passion fruit, but I love the juice and I love passion fruit-flavored stuff, so I ought to try one! Besides, your snot description is making my mouth water for one, lol! I actually looked while at Meijer's today, but they didn't have any. Damn! I'll keep lookin for them, though...