Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A harsh reality

On this Thanksgiving, please say a prayer for my friend Kenny. Kenny is someone I haven't talked to/heard from in a few months--and while I definitely thought it was weird that he hadn't responded to emails, Myspace messages, etc, I didn't REALLY think that much about it. He's busy, I figured. Well, last night, I finally got a message on Myspace--from his mom, wondering if *I* had heard from him. Apparently, he went on a trip to Alaska this summer--and then he disappeared, literally. In fact, he hasn't been heard from since August.

He was supposed to be back here in town sometime in late September--but neither she nor any of his siblings have been able to find him. His cell is now disconnected, too. She tried calling his work but she doesn't think she's calling the right place (she knew he worked for some type of water plant). As far as she can tell, he never came back. She's getting ready to file a missing person's report. She's been ready to do it for a month now, but she's been holding back...probably because to actually do so is to face a pretty harsh reality.

I told her that I could drive by his house, talk to a couple neighbors, see if anyone's seen him, etc (and she said she'd be very grateful, since she's up in MD), but frankly, I have kind of a bad feeling. He was always close to his family and the fact that even his sisters haven't heard from him is a definite warning sign--especially for so long. Even if he decided to stay up there, come on--he'd tell SOMEBODY by now. But even more so--he has a daughter. She's the light of his life. And his ex hasn't heard from him, either.

There is NOTHING that would keep him from his daughter for this long.

So please pray for the best-- that Kenny is okay. However, please also pray that his family, at the very least, finds some definite answers...and some peace.


keesh said...

oh no. That is horrible. I> will keep him and his family in my prayers. keep us posted.

anna said...

How strange and sad! He and those who love him have my prayers. Keep us posted.

lisa said...

Jen, I popped in to say happy thanksgiving to you and read your post. sooo heart wrenching.. I too will send my prayers.

Nik said...

Many prayers going on to him and his family.

Eduardo said...

I will add my prayers to those offered.

Renee said...

OMG. How horrible!

And it creates a shiver down my spine because last night that Bear guy on the Discovery channel (the show about surviving in the wild) was in Alaska and he said the percentage of visitors to Alaska that never return... I don't remember the percentage, but it was surprisingly high. I hope he's okay... and I hope that if he's NOT, his family will be able to get some peace and closure. They're in my thoughts.