Tuesday, July 31, 2007

PS--thoughts and prayers to Eduardo

In doing some catch-up and visiting to other blogs, I was saddened to read that Eduardo's mom recently passed away. Eduardo wandered over here through Fred's blog (I believe) and still comments every now and then (unlike some of YOU bitches). ;) As many of you will recall, he won our hearts with his post about being banned from the treadmills at his gym after falling off of them--repeatedly.

A link to his blog is on the right if any of you wish to post a condolence or message of support.


Nik said...

Ya know what's weird? I read a post he made about his mom not doing well and I was going to comment, but I didn't, because I felt like that's an awkward post for me to make my 1st comment on. Does that make sense? Now I feel bad that I didn't. It helps to know that people care, whether you know them or not.

Eduardo said...

Jen, Thanks for your post.

Nik, Don't feel bad. I was grateful to see a comment from a stranger on my blog today.

Fred said...

Hey...was I just called a bitch?

Jen said...

LOL Fred....I was referring to the literal bitches (aka females) around here that read but never post...although now that you mentino it.... ;)