Monday, July 09, 2007


One of the blogs I've linked to is Naturally Carolicious. I know some of you periodically wander over there, but if you haven't visited recently, go. Go NOW. Carole now has an adorable son, Michael (and I mean TRULY adorable, not "that's a funny-looking baby but we'll lie and give the expected 'Oh, how cute!' response). She writes him monthly "Dear Michael" letters, and the one she just wrote for his fifth month was, so far, my personal favorite. I laughed AND cried--and, more than once, I experienced both in the course of a single sentence.

To give you even MORE motivation to your asses over there (not that my personal say-so shouldn't be enough for you, byaatches), here's a short post that had me in hysterics.

"Overheard while [her husband] reads Michael a book showing baby animals:
That's a panda! P-A-N-D-A.
And that is a zebra! Z-E-B-R-A.
Here is a macaw! M-A... wait a minute? Macaw? What the hell is a macaw? Okay Michael, if you ever see an animal with bright feathers and a beak, you call it a parrot. PARROT. P-A-R-R-O-T.
Let's see what's next. Chimp! Okay, see there again, this is pretty much just a monkey. M-O-N-K-E-Y.
I see a bright future in zoology ahead, don't you?"

Seriously, if I wasn't straight and she wasn't straight and obviously very happily married, I would TOTALLY be in love with her.

Now go, but remember: if she becomes gay and I become gay, I get dibs on her first.


keesh said...

oh my gosh, she is adorable when she writes to her son. i love how she talks about all the things he does and how if he wasn't so cute she wouldn't let it funny! I feel the same way about my son and I understand those new emotions. it is cool to read about!

Jen said...

And "While she was here, you also showed her your "gangsta" side. Just so you know, if your mother uses the word "gangsta" in a sentence to describe you ON HER BLOG, that is pretty much the definition of NOT gangsta." Hahahhahahhahhahahahahahhahahahaha.

Renee said...

I'm HOOKED! And how ADORABLE is he?!