Sunday, June 17, 2007

We're done....but don't ask me why

So we broke up last night. Yeah, out of the blue for me too. Sure, we had been kind of fighting this week but that was just because of me quitting....and it wasn't even that bad. I mean, we had a fight on Thursday but we were okay the next day....and I went over there last night, we had a GREAT night, deliriously in love as usual (I thought)...and then the shit hit the fan. I sent an email out to the usual group but...yeah. He won't even talk to me now so it doesn't look good. I still haven't been to bed, I'm beyond miserable.

I'm turning comments off for this one because honestly, there's not much anyone can say to help. I'm hurting pretty bad, I thought I found someone who truly loved me, my whole life just got turned upside down and I just have to...pick up the pieces and move on, I guess.

Needless to say, Operation Smoke Out has been put on hold. I honestly don't care much about anything right now, but a non-smoking speech would NOT go over well right now (Mother).

Be well, I'll talk to you all later.