Saturday, June 09, 2007

I won a dolphin-painted Tshirt!!!!

At the Dolphin Research Center, one of the dolphin-interaction programs you can sign up for is Paint with a Dolphin. It's an extra $55 in addition to regular admission so I never actually registered for it--and anyway, when I'm there with the dolphins, that's usually plenty to just sent me over the moon with delirious happiness! However, every time we leave (LOL "every time"--we've only been there twice so far), Dave and I both fill out guest feedback cards--after all, the prize is your very own dolphin-painted Tshirt. Well, I received a call from the DRC--my entry was chosen this month. I AM SO EXCITED!!! I have to call them back with my 2 color choices and a dolphin is going to paint ME a tshirt!!!!

I'll make sure to post a picture when it gets here! (And I'll probably frame the shirt instead of wear it.)


Renee said...

LOL. Congrats! Be sure to post a pic when you get it! You should do a whole shadow box, with other paraphenalia from the DRC. I'll do one for you if you need help

Jen said...

GAAAHHH!!!! So confused!!! What is this shadow box you speak of?

Renee said...

LOL! You can get them at like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, by the picture frames. But instead of just a frame, it's a couple inches deep and you can make little collages in them with DIMENSIONAL stuff, rather than just paper or whatever.