Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The new school year

So there I went and disappeared for a while again. Oops. I promise to start posting more regularly...especially since it's a new school year, which of course means another year o' stories.

This year, I have 26 kids, 6 are ESOL and 7 are ESE (some are both). I have a huge rage of challenges and learning disabilities. But, you know, I love them already. Then again, it's only day 2.

I have one ADD kid who is already famous for asking random questions. For example, during a spelling pre-test:

Me: "Underground. Number 12 is 'underground.' "
K: (raises his hand)
Me (slower and with more enunciation, because most questions involve word repeats): " 'Un-der-ground.' "
K: "Yeah, I heard. Aren't you the teacher who went skydiving?"

Hey. At least he raised his hand first. Small victories, my friends.

As many of you know, this will be a tough year emotionally, since one of my kids has a terminally ill father. But I think it's going to be a really, really fun year, as well.

PLUS, my kids are already getting compliments in the hallway and stuff for their good behavior.

But did I mention that it's only day 2?



Renee said...

Yay, a new post!!

I'm glad that things are going so well on day 2. And that your kids are getting compliments and YOU are already receiving accolades from parents :-) You, my friend, are awesome. I wish you could be Brent's 5th grade teacher :-)

anna said...

Sounds like a promising year!

What do ESOL & ESE stand for?

Jen said...

ESE is the new "special ed". esol is english as a second language

Renee said...

Anna, I *think* ESOL is English for Speakers of Other Languages or something like that. English is not their first language.

ESE... I can't remember what it actually stands for, but it basically means they have learning disabilities. My guess is pretty big ones, to be labeled.

Why aren't there special classes for these kids? LOL. Or ARE you the special class? Do you have any "average" students, or are they all low?

Renee said...

LOL. Your comment wasn't there when I put mine up. Drrrr.

Jen said...

the new movement in education is mainstreaming, which basically means putting everyone in the same class, both "regular" ed kids and ESE kids. we aren't even allowed to pull them out for special services...ese specialists come into class to help them. the only time they're pulled out is for state tests and stuff like that.

some schools mix all their kids up, regardless of level. we "level" our kids, which means that even my ese kids are still pretty low. there are pluses and minuses to this strategy (for example, group work: it's the blind leading the blind, lol), but it also makes instruction easier, when everyone is at the same level, more or less. (every now and then I get a higher kid, either by accident or cuz they feel sorry for me.) ;)

Nik said...

From the emails and the blog, I already love this year's kids too! You have such a challenging job and you deal with it so well. To already be receiving accolades from parents, heck yeah, you're doing something right. I can't wait to "meet" the other kids and hear about the beautiful chaos that is your school year. Oh and I wish you the best of luck.

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