Saturday, July 31, 2010

One month later....

Holy crap, I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted. Does anyone besides the usual people even read this thing anymore? Damn. Anyway, this'll be short and sweet since I've talked to --well, all of you recently.

I had my bi-annual sojourn back to Michigan. As always, it was great times. I got to hang out with Amanda WITHOUT Andrea, which was pretty cool. We were able to spend the day with Katey and her kids. We went to the zoo, and afterwards, we hung out at Katey's house for a while. Amanda told me later that she felt totally comfortable around all of us, like she had always been there. It's been a rocky almost-18 years, and things haven't always turned out the way I'd hoped they would (especially in terms of her home life)...but, as she approaches 18, if she's able to have the kind of relationship with her birth family that I'd always hoped for, everything will have been (almost) worth it. Next time, I hope for her to meet Missy and her boys and Nikki. (Because it goes without saying that I consider them part of her "birth" family.) And Renee, she really wants to meet you, too. For her to meet my best friend??? That would be AWESOME.

So...there was that. We also had Girls' Weekend, which was on a whole new level this year, thanks to the presence of Lynda, Missy and Nikki. Ladies, I hope it was everything you had envisioned and more. GOOD TIMES. Everyone, start saving for GW 2011: The Florida Edition. ;) If you save just $1 a week, you'll have.....$52. Hmmm. Okay, save more than that then. ;)

School is starting up shockingly soon. I spent this past week working on a project for corporate, creating math tests that will be used by all the schools in our company. Go me! (No, I'm not getting paid.) I still have a few days' worth of work ahead of me. Teachers report back the week of the 16th (with students reporting on the 23rd), but, as always, I'm sure I'll be back the week before that to get my room set up. Needless to say, summer is definitely slipping away. This is BULLSHIT. We teachers had like 7 weeks off this time around. Yes, I know, your hearts are bleeding for me. ;) And on top of that, I had to take a class this summer. So much for that relaxing 3 months off that everyone is sure educators enjoy every year. ;)

We'll have 2 new teachers on the 5th grade team this year, too. We lost one (as we just found out yesterday), and we're adding a class so we need one additional teacher--which, as you may recall, will be Hot Married Friend In a Tiara (hereafter referred to as HMFIAT). The 3 of us who are returning will have to train/initiate new teachers for the first time in a couple years--and we've never had 2 in one year. We've been a pretty static team, till now. I know HMFIAT will fit in well, but the 2nd new teacher is a total crapshoot; we have no idea who we'll get. Hopefully they won't suck and break up the 5th grade groove. me a favor and comment, so I know you all are still out there. ;)


Kishelle said...

I loved seeing you! Glad you finally updated. I have been waiting. Summer always goes too fast! I love summer. I am also glad that I could teach you a dance of the Irish at girls weekend, and I love your purple..,.uh, white phone cover. Lol. Thank you for being a part of my first time slurpee moment....hugs!

Renee said...

I come here EVERY DAY looking for a new post. So get off your ass and cater to me with more frequent posts :-)

It's frickin awesome that you got to see Amanda without Andrea! Last summer when we went up to mom and dad's cabin, I told her on fb that I thought of her while driving through her area and she gave me her number to call her next time I was going through bcuz she wanted to meet me. I'd LOVE to meet her, but I'd prefer not to do it when we're driving through. If it was just me, I don't mind stopping and meeting up with her, but with John and Brent I'd feel rushed. So, yeah. Would LOVE to sometime.

Brent starts school on Aug. 16. Way too soon; it's still summer! And 7 weeks for you guys? That's a total ripoff. But HOW EXCITING that you're WRITING A MATH TEST for the whole company! You are awesome. Can't wait to hear more stories about HMFIAT. And, more pictures, please :-)

anna said...

I look every day too Renee!

Save more than a dollar a week - lol!

Anonymous said...

With FB I always forget you have this but it was fun to read.

On your visit home, what about all the great time with your mom? Esp. watching Kathy Griffin and Maggie.

Do they really sell that wine?

And did you mention the bowling? (real, not Wii)

Anonymous said...

AND you got to see your cat again.

Nik said...

Still here, just hasn't been much activity 'round these parts!
It's so cool that you got to hang out w/ Amanda and she didn't have the tyrant breathing down her neck. Everybody got to be themselves this time around, I bet. I know the day will come when I get to meet her and I can't wait. I have a pic of her on my nightstand-thingy when she was like 4 yrs old (her and Donovan helped me wash my car).

Girls' Weekend (I still prefer calling it Lezzie Pile tho) was beyond awesome. I had so much fun and it was too cool finally meeting our dear Anna. Good,good times. As mentioned before, gotta count me out for Florida edition, got a fat man to marry and find a place to live with. hehehe

Good luck w/ the upcoming school year. *high-five* on creating the math tests, too. Sorry that summer doesn't last longer, but I'm sure it's easier to deal with, being in FL.

Anonymous said...

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