Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What a year! (So far)

WOW WOW WOW. This is, hands down, the best (behaved) group of kids I've had so far. Yes, it's still early, and there's the danger that we're still in the honeymoon period. But this time, I really don't think so. I really just think this group of kids is awesome.

It hasn't been all sunshine and roses, however. Many of you know that I have someone in my class who is currently in a shelter. They're moving into an apartment, and we've been focused on finding a way to keep him at our school. (He's moving farther way.) Just today, we were able to get him on a bus (as a charter school, we have more limited busing than the public schools), but he'll have a mile and a half walk each way. Still, he'll be able to stay. And here's the thing: to some, it may not seem like that big of a deal, whether he stays with us or switches schools. But he's been with us for like 5 years now, since he was just a little kindergartner. And considering his situation--this has been the ONLY steady thing in his life that whole time. In many ways, it IS his home, at least from 8 - 3. So he's almost--DESPERATE to stay here. And this--this MAN CHILD (cuz he's taller than me and has facial hair)--was looking at ME to fix it, to solve it, to find a way to keep him here. It was just KILLING me this last week or so, while we dealt with the red tape and found a way to make it work. (He's on a wait list for a bus that runs a little closer to his new place.) They don't even have furniture or anything yet for the new place...but it's a place to live. And it's theirs.

So anyway, other than THAT, the year has really gotten off to a great start. (Well, that, and the fact that my other little girl, with the sick dad, gets a visit at school from a Hospice worker every other week.) My kids are good--not PERFECT, of course. I have to get on them, still. But they're good kids. One little boy told me to close my eyes, and when I did, he gave me a big hug and said, so enthusiastically, "I love you, Miss K!!!!" (I told him to just wait a few months, LOL.)

Oh--and some of my kids from last year told me that in their new language arts class, they had to write an essay about someone who changed their life. And a few came back to tell me they'd written about me.

Seriously? It doesn't get any better than that.


Renee said...

AWWWWWW!!!! I'm all weepy. I am SO HAPPY that boy gets to stay at your school, and the fact that they're getting an apartment is SO GREAT! He'll have a place to do his homework. And to just BE.

Hospice is awesome. I mean, it's horrible that her dad is sick and they need to use Hospice, but the fact that they treat the whole family is great. Poor little girl :-(

And he hug and the essays? SO SWEET. And you're CHANGING THE LIVES OF THESE KIDS! Seriously, does it get any better than that, to know that what you do every day truly is making a difference? You are amazing and I love you :-)

anna said...

Well now you have me crying. I hope you're happy. Between the homeless kid, the kid hugging you and the old students writing about you changing their lives - Ah! That's Really Awesome!

I hope this is your best class & year so far!

Jen said...

Well, E. wasn't there today...I really really hope everything went okay with the move, and that there isn't any problems with the bus or...just ANYTHING

Nik said...

Awww, I'm not gonna lie, that made me cry! If that doesn't show you that you make a difference to these kids, I don't know what will. You might have your bad days, but overall, your kids know that you're there for them and that you love them (in your teachery way). The boy in the shelter and the girl whose dad has cancer have been in my prayers since you told us about them. I pray for you, as well. It's gotta be so tough being in their lives and feeling so helpless. I love you too, Miss K!

Kishelle said...

Omg! So misty here! Amazing Jen. I love you

Jen said...

Well, E. never returned to school after his move. I called the # I had for his mom, but it was already disconnected. A friend of his told me he switched schools.

Renee said...

That makes me SO SAD!!! I'm really glad they have a place to live, but come ON! Like you said- the school was the one constant in that boy's life, and with all the stress of living in a shelter and moving to an apartment, starting a brand new school is just one more thing he shouldn't have to deal with! That poor kid :-(

Jen said...

He showed back up yesterday!!! I squealed like a little girl when he walked in. the whole class burst into applause. It was awesome.

Renee said...

I just couldn't swallow my coffee for the lump in my throat! How wonderful!!!!!!!!!! I hope he stays back! Did he say what happened and why he switched for, like, a week?

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Anonymous said...

You are a great teacher.

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