Saturday, December 19, 2009

Back online...for now

I arrived safely in Michigan a couple of hours ago. I'm here until the 30th (Lord help us all), although it's really more the 29th since I leave at, oh, 8 am on the 30th. The untrusting bastards in my new apartment building all have their wireless accounts password protected, so I haven't been able to get online from home and all "blogging" sites are blocked on my work computer. Therefore, I'll be able to check in with y'all for the next 10 days or so.

The move went smoothly. It came down to the wire, but everything fell into place the day before the move. I was able to do it without springing for a moving truck--my new place was just a few miles from the old one, and I had friends moving carloads of boxes. Sadly, moving my furniture was only a few trips in the back of a Ford truck (although the guys did fit quite a lot into each of those trips, with their Tetris-like loading skillz). It only took a few hours (with a U-Haul, it would have been like 20 minutes, but whatever).

I really like my new place. I have brand new carpet and of course the walls were freshly painted, so that's cool. My favorite part of the apartment is over by the bedroom and bathroom. The bathroom has two doors--one leading out to the main part of the apartment and then one leading to the bedroom. On the way to the bedroom, though, is a little hallway with 2 huge closets on each side, giving it almost a walk-in-closet feel. It's got lots of storage and closets for a one bedroom, too, which is nice. My dining room area is obviously totally empty except for a bookcase, and my living room consists of my small couch, a tv stand and the TV, but overall it's starting to look like a (sparsely furnished) home. I'm kind of looking forward to slowly adding new pieces of furniture over the next few months. I bet I can make some really good garage sale finds. And it's MINE. No roommate. Oh, the giddiness of it all.

Everything else is fine. The kids were nuts this last week and about killed me, but now I'm freeeee till the 4th. I've been seeing a lot of Chad, of course (since I have my OWN DAMN PLACE and can do whatever I want), but we're still more friends than anything. Sort of. It's quite complicated. We care about each other in a more-than-friends way, but we also don't want to screw up our really close friendship. So we're kind of seeing what happens. I've been having so much fun with him, though. It's like having your best friend sleep over a lot (even on a school night, LOL). And for the record, he sleeps out on the couch when he's there. He says it's more comfortable than my bed. (Sometimes he'll lay in there with me, talking with me till I fall asleep, then he moves out to the living room.)

All in all, life is pretty good. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. They obviously worked. I'm off to get my Facebook fix now (another site that's blocked from work). What's everyone else been up to?


Renee said...

I'm glad you're all moved in and getting settled, and as I said before-- I'm glad you don't have a roomie! Much less drama this way :-) I can't wait to see your place in January!

What have I been up to? I've been living in the kitchen, preparing a huge box of goodies for some bitches I know :-)

And planning and preparing the Christmas party for Brent's class. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I hope they stop doing those next year when he moves to another school (his current school is K-3). As the kids get older it gets harder and more expensive to impress them. Plus, as the kids get older, there are less and less moms who want to help with this kind of stuff, so I'm doing all the planning and prep myself and one other mom will come to the party to help with whatever she can, but didn't want to help plan. Gah. I just have to get through the party tomorrow and then everything will be hunky dory.

Yes. I actually said "hunky dory". Someone send help immediately, I'm turning into an old mom.

Jen said...

Christmas parties still exist, to some extent, pretty much thru elementary. and you really dont have to go ALL out. some cookies and punch and they'll be happy. =-) they just care about the fact that they dont have to work and they're almost done with school for like 2 weeks

Renee said...

Well Brent's teacher is a huge pain in my ass. We have to do a craft, a snack and a few games. Half the third-graders do NOT CARE about the craft, especially one that's inexpensive enough to provide for 26 students. It's lame. Plus? She wants me to order pizza for the snack. Yes, pizza parties are awesome, but they will have eaten lunch an HOUR prior to the fucking party. Why not just Christmas cookies and fruit punch? She's driving me crazy with all her stipulations. She can plan the fucking thing herself if she's going to mandate and regulate every damn thing.

But I'm joyful and full of Christmas spirit, even if you can't tell from that bitchy rant

Jen said...

WTF is this teacher's problem? I would never ever ever dream of making demands on a parent like that. I'm happy for anything they can do/bring in.

Renee said...

THANK YOU. That's been the case since Kindergarten! The teachers give us suggestions and ideas of things that have been extremely successful in the past, but ultimately, it's a break for them and they don't WANT to plan it. His teacher has been teaching for 30-something years, though. She's a control freak and she doesn't want anything too "messy" or "involved". I'm not a fan. She needs to retire.

anna said...

You’ll just have to find a nice coffee shop or library to go to for your blog & FB fixes. We can’t do without you!
I’m glad you like your new place. I’m with Renee – glad you don’t have a roommate, they’re too much trouble. I hope to see your place that first weekend in March!

Renee – This party sounds like Way too much work and there’s no reason that you should be the only parent planning and pretty much doing everything! Maybe you should not volunteer next year and see what happens. On the other hand, I know you do an Awesome job and I’m sure it makes the party for all the kids and Brent’s gotta be proud of his Mom :)

I’m on my last day of work until Jan.4. I’m glad to have a break. I’m being more and more micro-managed into mind-numbing work I’m not very interested in. I hope my attitude improves for Jan. Tim & I are working on figuring out how to drive through this big blizzard that’s supposed to come thru to get to his parents’ in Kansas. I’m pretty much done with Christmas prep & am ready to celebrate! Presents bought. Cookies baked. Stockings almost done!

Jen said...

Anna: don't know when/if you'll get this, but I'm sorry to hear work hasn't been too satisfying lately. Is a potential job search in the future?

Fred said...

Glad the move went well, Jen. Just in time to leave it all behind. Enjoying any snow up there yet?

After reading Renee's comment, I'm so glad I teach at the HS level.

Merry Christmas to all my friends at Broken Road!

anna said...

I just might look for a new job in 2010. I want something more interesting. I feel like I've grown out of my current job. The flexibility of the hours is really good and I like the mission of the organization. But the money isn't good and neither is the work lately. We'll see what 2010 brings. I don't have my resume together yet but I'm thinking about it and that's a step, you know?

Anonymous said...

Well? Tell everyone how well it went when you were home.