Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fly on the wall

Fred mentioned that he'd love to be a "fly on the wall" during our girls' weekends. Well, now you ALL can be, with this posting of our traditional Quote List. Some of the following statements just sound dirty when taken out of context, some of them ARE dirty and some of them are just amusing/entertaining (at least to us, at the time, after consuming copious amounts of alcohol). I realize that a few of these may be the "you had to be there" type of funny, but I'm sure that there's at least one or two on here that ANYONE can appreciate.

So hoist your drink in the air and let's toast to the revelry that was the 5th Annual Girls' Weekend.

(Key: J is Jen, A is Anna, R is Renee and K is Kishelle...duh.)

"OMG, that is FULL of sins!" -K

"I look CUTE!" -J. ...and K's response: "If you say so."

"Jen's lain with a LOT of men on the beach." -R

"Not five! FIFTEEN!" -K

"Sorry, watchin' the dick." -K

"I'm the one who's gonna get blamed in THIS foursome." -Random guy from Meijer

"Tell him to call 1-800-stop-f*cking-with-Jen's-head-or-I'll-kick-your-f*cking-ass." -K. And my response: "That's more than 7 numbers."

"The eye of the frickin' tiger!!" -K

"I'm very animalistic, okay?" -R

"Oh, honey--drag queens are prettier than you." -A

"I've got a triangle hot box." -R

"But if he grows his hair out a little bit? TOTALLY Jesus!" -J

"God created the monkeys that created us." -J

"She did a 380...wait what is it? A 360?" -K. (Note: she was talking about someone who made a total and drastic change and was therefore talking about a 180.)

"I can't believe I almost carjacked that girl!" -J

"And to think I slept with that tiny little white boy!" (the speaker of this qoute shall be kept anonymous, but it was one of the married ladies)

"Okay, so my NEXT question is..." -R. (Note: this is funny because there was no previous question. This was spoken completely out of nowhere and WAS her first question.)

Note: the following were between the hours of midnight and 2 am...but as you're about to see, you probably could have figured that out yourselves. (You'll also notice that the ratio of "J" quotes significantly increases, LOL.)

"I've never wanted to be an island so badly in my life." -A

"It looks like my neck exploded and vomited...ASS." -J

"I'm like a streak of awesome." -J

"That one made my nipples hard." -J. And K's response: "If I had nipples like yours, I'd want them hard all the time, too."

"Suck it like you're getting paid!" -J

"My head didn't move but all of a sudden, I had craziness occuring near my ass!" -J

"Jen talks with her elbows!" -A

"What's ON me?! ...Pie!" -R

"Something's happening in your middle area, and it weighs a LOT." -J

"Is this my STD?" -J

"Look at the drunk sista with the big words!" -R

"It's hard to believe I'm 32 and not married, 'cuz I'm just a pile of sex!" -J

"My eyes feel drunk, but the rest of me doesn't." -R

But wait--there's more! Pics will follow....


Kishelle said...

OMG! we are so funny!! Seriously, we are so funny!

anna said...


Kishelle said...

I really laugh about the STD quote because J was actually talking about her IPOD and that was the best "abbreviation" she could come up with for what that device was called...hilarious!

Jen said...

I knew it was a bunch of letters. Shut up.