Sunday, July 12, 2009

Color me blind

When Mis and the boys were here, we realized that I was unable to differentiate yellow from orange (I swore upside down that a Ford Mustang was yellow; Missy, Donovan, Anthony, and 2 innocent bystanders that I accosted in the Coldstone parking lot all told me it was orange).

At the wedding last night, it happened again. A new friend and I were cattily watching a particular girl grinding out on the dance floor.

"...unlike that hooker in the green dress," New Friend commented.

"No kidding," I agreed. And then: "--wait. Green?"

New Friend looked at me oddly. "Yeah...."

"Her dress is green?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Might one call"

New Friend looked back out at the dance floor. "No, it's definitely green." **

"With blue undertones?" I asked hopefully.

The fact that this happened twice in the last couple of weeks kind of threw me off. Is this something new? Or have I always been like this and it's just now becoming more obvous; perhaps it's worsening? I've always been virtually unable to discern navy from black but hell, who doesn't? This extension to yellow/orange and green/blue is new to me. Can one GO color blind or are they always that way? (FYI: color blindness, unlike what many people may think or assume, does NOT mean that those affected only see black, white and gray. They can often see color, but the hue--or "degree" of color--may be skewed.)

At any rate, it's not a huge deal. I can see colors and, in general, can tell yellow from orange or
green from blue (at least I think so, LOL). It's just odd that it's becoming more frequent.

** I surveyed many other wedding guests last night, and they all immediately said "Green." So it wasn't a matter of the dress being a blue-green "in-between" color; we're not talking a po-tay-to /po-tawt-to situation here.

PS--I've done some research, and it's much more rare for a woman to be colorblind than a man. "For a woman to be color deficient, her father must be colorblind and her mother colorblind or be a carrier." And I'm pretty sure my dad isn't colorblind. eyes just suck, I guess. Probably because I'm getting so damn old.


Renee said...

Your title reminds me of that gay group Color Me Badd. LOLOL.

We'll do some experiments this weekend with your color blindness. It'll be fun!

It IS curious, though, isn't it?

Renee said...

BTW, did you see my comment in the MJ post about Blue Moon Martinis? I accidentally stumbled upon the recipe, so I printed it out, thinking of you. We're making some this weekend!

Kishelle said...

Shawn is color blind, although he can see shades and is pretty damn opinionated I might add...i will tell you a story about that one. Here's one for you, do you ever run red flashing lights thinking they are yellow? that happend on our first date. I was like "WTF" and he said "Oh sorry, i am color blind and i have to pay really close attention if i don't know the area." Hee hee....ok, so color test for you, do over for me on the what if game, blue martinis sound tasty, although, Nee, did you say MJ and blue martinis in the same post??

Jen said...

yeah, I was going for that "color me badd" thing. LOL. and blue moon martinis sound fabulous. yes, sex and the city FABULOUS.

Jen said...

PS, I'm glad I can provide for some party games this weekend. LOLOL

Renee said...

Yeah, the blue martinis were in the MJ post because Jen said something about the Blue Moon ice cream run. It reminded me of the recipe I found :-)

Kishelle said...

We should watch Sex and the City. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! DO you have it Nee?? Or i can bring it...

Renee said...

I don't have it. I've never seen it. In fact, have only seen the tv show like twice. Feel free to bring it, though!

Jen said...

I love that movie too