Saturday, January 14, 2012

Best update ever

Okay, I'm going to definitely get back into this blog again. Facebook is good, but you can really only give 3-line updates. I kind of miss writing, and my blog will be a good outlet for that. Between my first year of teaching 3rd grade (at a new school), my NEW HUSBAND (more on that in a bit), my new stepkids, the online Masters in Reading program I just began through USF...I'll have plenty to talk about.

Let's start with the big one: On November 20, Dan and I got married. We were married on Sanibel Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel (island), Florida. It was very small (just family and a few close friends), but it was the best day of my life. The weather was absolutely perfect. For our reception, we all went to dinner at the Lazy Flamingo, the place where Dan works. It's a very Florida-vibey, laid back restaurant--just a fun time with friends, which is exactly what we wanted.

Dan's family stayed in Ft Myers for that whole week, and it was great being able to spend some time with them. The only "downside" is that we weren't really able to take a honeymoon--we couldn't really take off with family in town (although, as they were staying on Ft Myers Beach, I'm sure they would have survived). ;) So we stayed a couple of nights at this beautiful resort there on Sanibel--it definitely wasn't enough, but we'll do something special, maybe for our anniversary.

Our first married Thanksgiving was here at the apartment. It was the first time I'd ever cooked a turkey, or Thanksgiving dinner at all for that matter, but I have to say, it turned out as well as I could have hoped for. It was Bryce (my stepson), Dan and I, his parents, his sister, brother in law and niece. They left the next day to return to Michigan, but it was really the perfect end to the perfect week.

Let's see, what else..ah yes, my new job. I'm teaching at a school that's 99% minority (and about that many have free or reduced lunch). It's been a difficult adjustment to third grade; I think due to their maturity levels. The tattling and tantrums and crying....OMG. And they are quite a bit below grade level, although that in itself I don't mind. However, when a large percentage of the class is getting D's and F's in 3rd grade reading or math because they're functioning at a 2nd grade level, and then the principal kind of looks at YOU with questioning eyes (it was different at my old school, since admin knew me and my teaching abilities, and I had already proven myself)....well, that's tough, too. I'm struggling a bit with classroom mgmt, which is odd, since it's my sixth year of teaching....but again, with a new grade and a different socio-economic group--well, it kind of IS like I'm starting from scratch. And really, the majority of the class (I only have 14, but most days it feels like 28) is just fine, but there are 2 who try me on a daily basis. (One of them, though, ended the day yesterday by giving me a hug and kind of resting his head on my shoulder, reminding me that although he may drive me to drink, he's also just an 8 year old kid.)

I think that's about all for now....lots more I COULD say, but this is a good start. I do look forward, as I said, to posting more often. Hopefully, the people who have read me before will find me again.


anna said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're back!

jia said...


congrats on marrying the man of your dreams....its the best :D

connecting thru shared or common experiences in the blogsphere or elsewhere is such a pleasure. :)

keep writing! i will too

and best wishes for a long and happy married life

Anonymous said...


Renee said...

I don't think I remember how to comment on here... and surely have forgotten my account info :-) But SO glad you're back on here. I miss having this. Facebook is fine, but it's so abbreviated. This fulfills my Jen crave much better :-)

Anonymous said...

Neat blog! Feel free to check out my own.....

Jane said...

Congratulations, Jen! So glad you have gotten your happy beginning. Be blessed!

PS...MyTwoCents blog is gone now. I've got a new life and a new blog going. :)


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Renee said...

So that was short-lived, huh? LOL. COME BACK!!

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