Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My life in pictures

Okay, not my whole life, but here's a couple that I thought you might find entertaining. (Note: the pics themselves won't be up until Renee gets a chance to post them for me....could be an hour, could be a week. So we'll see.) ;)

The first is a nomination I received for Staff Member of the Month. (I don't know who wrote it, either, which makes it kind of cool.) It says (in case you can't tell; I don't know how clear it will be when it's posted): "For always enthusiastic about teaching and showing her students that it can be FUN to learn." Awwww! If you're chosen as Staff Member of the Month, the only thing that really happens is that you get the good parking spot right in the front of the school instead of having to park way out in Siberia. Oh yeah, and the honor and the glory, of course. ;) Still, "it's an honor just to be nominated." (Heh.)

The second pic is the newest addition to our classroom decor. Unfortunately, one of my angels or another have been called down to the discipline office on almost a daily basis (gossiping, drama, etc). So finally, I decided to create an incentive plan; each day we go where we DON'T receive a call from the dean of discipline summoning one of my lovelies, we color in another notch on the meter. When we make it to 30, they get a reward (to be determined later).

And yes, in case you can't read it, it IS called the "Save the Drama For Your Mama Meter."

(I've had many visitors to my room, because the other teachers think it's hysterical and wanted to see it for themselves.)

So that's what's new in my world. Only a week or so left until Spring Break....and trust me, we teachers need it just as badly as the kids do.


Renee said...

Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to block out your name.

Congrats on your nomination! And I love your "drama" chart, LOLOLOL! You're a clever one, my friend!

And let it be known that I am the coolest because I posted your pictures within and hour of you sending the email asking me to do so :-)

anna said...


You're my #1 Teacher Every Month to me - you rock! It's nice that someone at your school took the time to recognize you. I hope you'll remember us little people when you're a big shot official Teacher of the Month. We'll say we knew you once...

I Love the Save the Drama for your Mama meter ;) It doesn't look like any days have been colored in yet?

Renee Rocks as Assistant Blog Editor. I think she deserves a raise.

Renee said...

Hahahaha! Anna, you're so funny!

Yeah, give me a raise, bitch!

Kishelle said...

yea, the blog people vote for a raise or we go on strike :)...for renee.. ha ha.

So cool. this drama meter is the dopest thing since sliced bread. Yeah, don't forget on peons when you become teacher of the month. All i could think of is the part in Office Space where the take their bosses parking spot....you should just do that everyday :)...go you Jen!