Friday, March 05, 2010

Jen still doesn't have internet at home, so she emailed this post to me and asked me to post it. Yay! Thought she'd never post again :-)

It's been awhile (again) since I posted, so I figured I'd better check in. This has been an incredibly busy few months for me, which is why my regular posting has slowed wayyyy down.

School is great. The big state tests that you hear all about each year are next week already (how is that possible??). I made my poor students do 5 hours of math yesterday. Our math FCATs are this Tues and Wed, and unfortunately, there's a LOT I haven't gotten to yet. (Partly because I have the low group and everything takes longer, but mainly because the FCATs are in March and they cover a full year's worth of material--so some of it we don't even get to until April and May. Yeah, makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?) We have mathapalooza again today....for 5th graders, my kids are holding up pretty well. I'm letting some of their misbehavior slide this week because hell, I"M getting cranky and bored and restless. =-) We also have reading next week, and then 2 days of science the week after that. I'm very, very nervous this time around. I think part of it is because my class last year did so incredibly well, and I feel the pressure to "deliver" again this year. We'll see what happens, I guess.

Shawn and I aren't talking (again). LOL. This time it's because his girlfriend found out that we'd been hanging out, and of COURSE she's incredibly jealous of my fabulousness. Anyway, she gave him the ol' ultimatum (get rid of her or else), so he did. He DID say that we could be Secret Friends, but that we couldn't talk on the phone anymore or even hang out that much, and while the old Jen may have gone for that, the New Jen, who is strong and actually has some pride, told him to go f*** himself. I'm hurt that he ditched a friend for a girlfriend who I know is not going to be a forever thing, but what are you going to do?

In happy news, our beloved Anna will be here in Ft Myers with me in about 7 hours. I'm so excited!!! I only have her for the weekend, and she'll be gone for most of Saturday at a wedding in Orlando (the reason for her Florida trip in the first place), but I know we're manage to squeeze in a lot of fun in between. Tonight, I'm having a dinner party for her with about 10 of my nearest and dearest (I, however, am not HOSTING the dinner party, mostly because 1) I don't cook and 2) I don't have a dining room table, but I did ORGANIZE the whole thing. One of my fellow teachers, Linda, is the gracious hostess, and what an extravaganza it shall be....) We will, of course, be visiting the great Ft Myers Beach and the Gorgeous Gulf at some point, probably on Sunday (she doesn't fly out until 6 pm or so). The weather won't be that great by Florida standards (high 60s, low 70s)--but at least it will be sunny and clear all weekend and it's a hell of a lot better than the current weather in Minnesota. Stay tuned for an exciting update (and possible pictures).

Okay my kids are coming up.....I hope you all are well!!!

And in a surprising turn of events, my Baby Daddy just donated $40 to my March of Dimes walk!!! Didn't see THAT coming. LOL. Yup, he's definitely still trying to get in my pants. ;)


Renee said...

Shawn a dillhole. You know it, we all know it... I just hope you do something about it this time and stick to your guns. "Secret Friends". What a douchebag. And a total pussy. If he doesn't have the balls to stand up to his bitch and say he's not going to ditch a friend for a gf (bros before hos!), he CAN go fuck himself. But I digress, because this isn't anything new :-)

Brent's school is doing their testing this week. He's incredibly sick and has missed Wed, Thurs and today. Which happen to be the days of testing. He'll have to make them up next week plus whatever he misses next week, which will be really hard. Thought about asking his teacher for the work in advance so he can work on it this weekend, but he's REALLY sick and doesn't move from the couch unless it's to pee. He's in no condition to be doing homework, so I guess he'll just have a hell of a week next week :-(

I'm sure your kids will do fine, but I understand what you mean about delivering again. Still, each class will have different kids, and even though they'll always be the "low" group, there will be varying degrees of "low".

Have a GREAT time with Anna! I so wish I were coming, too! And believe me, 60's/70's is gonna feel HEAVENLY compared to what we've got up here in the frozen tundra right now, and I know it's colder in MN. And you know I REALLY wish I got to help with the dinner party :-) Have fun! Take lots of pictures!

Renee said...

And I'm LMAO about Baby Daddy :-)