Monday, May 10, 2010

Ooops, my bad

I TOTALLY forgot to post about that whole life-changing-moment thing last week. ;)

Okay, so the horoscope in Glamour for May said that on the 4th, I would meet someone who could change my life. So I circled the date on my calendar (yes, I'm an uber-dork) and anxiously awaited for the fatefull day to arrive. Now, before you get too excited, it was NOT my soulmate (son of a BITCH, that bastard better show up soon)...but it was still pretty cool.

That day, Tuesday, I was doing a site visit at one of our other schools. (You know--go in, observe, offer feedback, etc.) I was at the high school again, but this time, instead of business and social studies classes and shit like that, I got to watch a morning of English lit classes (all grade levels, 9-12).

And I fell in love....with high school English.

I thought teaching HS school would be totally scary and intimidating and not something that I would EVER consider....but it's not like teaching, say, middle school. In other words, the kids aren't tools. ;) They're mature and they've calmed down and--

--I'm getting excited just thinking about it--

I could discuss novels. All day long. And get PAID for it.

At an intellectual level that I could only DREAM of at the 5th grade, or even middle school, level.

It'd be relatively easy to add on high school English certification (I'm certified now in English for grades 5-9, so I could actually walk in now and do freshman classes, but if I wanted to go any higher I'd have to get the extra licensing)--it's just a matter of taking the subject area exam (4 hours, $200, but all things considered, entirely doable). I got a study guide online and there are definitely some things I'd need to review, but I got an 85% on my the practice exam (that was only 30 questions, compared to 75 on the real one, PLUS I'd have to write an essay analyzing a literature piece, so I'd have to brush up on my English lit and writing terms, shit I haven't even DREAMED of being able to talk about or teach in the last few years)--but overall, I'm in pretty good shape. apparently, at least as far as subject knowledge, etc goes.

SO. That's where I am right now. I don't know if I'd be able to make it happen by the fall, but I could spend the next year getting all of that into place (and networking with the principal at the high school--and since it's in our "family" of schools, it'd be more of a transfer than anything else)--and then possibly make the jump the year after that. That would give me an even five years at this school, and at this general grade level. Then, if I still feel as strongly about it as I do now (cuz let's face it, sometimes I get all fired up about something and then the excitement just kind of dies out)--well, THEN I'll know it's a step I should definitely pursue.

But it was, and inspirting, and exciting, watching the kids and the teachers involved in those kind of conversations and debates...about BOOKS (The Great Gatsby, FYI, which I checked out of the library that same day, since I'd never read it). Yes, my friends, THAT would just about be a perfect job for me (besides working with dolphins or working as a book editor in NYC, which I would actually kind of hate because I'd be miserable in NYC, but the book editor part would be sweet).

So...we'll see if it actually pans out, but it looks as though I met a whole BUNCH of people on the 4th who may very well have changed my (career) life.


anna said...

That is Awesome!

Teaching high school Lit could be Totally Amazing! Like you said - teaching about books, sharing ideas with more developed minds. I'm dreaming about it and sighing with envy!

Do it! Do it! Do it!

What books would you like to teach?

Renee said...

Oh, WOW!!! That is so exciting :-)
I think you would be an AMAZING high school English teacher! And how FUN would it be???

I totally think you should spend the next year preparing for it. Trying to get it done by this fall would be stressful. And like you said-- you could have a year's worth of networking with the principal and some of the other teachers, even, and that extra time to see if you remain excited about it. Which I'm sure you will. But even if you DON'T, you'll still have that extra certification on your resume and a relationship with another principal, and how could either of those be bad things?

I'm so excited for you!!

I've never read The Great Gatsby, either... how is it?

Jen said...

And as we were "discussing" today, I have my interview tomorrow to teach COLLEGE English. (LOL. Could I make them call me Professor? Even without my Masters or Doctorate or anything cool? I think I will.) Since they're 5 week intensive classes that rotate during the year, I could also do that a few times to build up my resume. Hell, if I do this college thing on the side, that could "satisfy" my intellectual cravings for now.

Jen said...


I'm still laughing.

Who woulda thunk it?

Renee said...


You'll have to get new professor-like spectacles. OOH! How bout a monacle? THAT would be cool.

anna said...

A monacle & a pipe (that blows bubbles) & a twead jacket with leather patches on the elbows - I can see it now, Professor K!

Renee said...

Hahahahahaha! I think instead of making you into a cool professor, we just made you into a really dorky, androgenous professor :-)

anna said...

But Funny!