Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Happy Holiday Season!!!

I am totally into the holiday season this year!

I decorated my house and office. We have some lovely lights up. I'm doing the cards. I'm buying extra presents. I'm listening to Christmas music 24-7. I'm even hosting a holiday cookie swap this weekend.

I love this time of year! How's it going for you?


LoraLoo said...

I don't think I'm doing quite as well as you with the holiday spirit, but I'm doing way better than I thought I would. Having a toddler in the house really does the trick, otherwise I'd probably be the grinch I used to be. :)

keesh said...

Me too ANna. I am loving it! can't wait for Mason to see what Santa brought him. Although I do the Christmas shopping and I am a little scared for Mr Claus to see what he got for little man :). HA! I went a little crazy! Maybe not too crazy, but in hubby's opinion, I will guarantee I went overboard :). Well I guess if he doesn't like what Mrs Claus bought he will have to get his Happy Santa butt out there with me next year :).

Fred said...

Hey Anna! Things are great here. Lights and tree are up, we put up a few odds n' ends every day, and school is coming to a close next week for the break.

We're looking great here.

Rob said...

I'd like an ipod please. Thanks.

Jen said...

I work in retail, where I am forced to listen to Christmas songs (the same 8 or so) for 40 hours a week.

I'm single. Again.

I'm working for BARELY minimum wage and am trying to buy presents for my 13,000 nephews and nieces, as well as parents and sisters.

The snow sucks. And it's freakin cold.

I usually like Christmas but this year I'm not really feeling it. I'm the prime candidate to become the star of a TV movie ("The Teacher Who Lost Christmas").


John Cowart said...

What a happy posting.
We haven't put up our decorations yet but we are thoroughly enjoying the season anyhow. We plan to spend the holiday at our daughter's house -- let her do the decorating this year, while we sit back and enjoy.

Anna said...

Well, Merry Christmas to All! (Except Jen ;)

Kish, My Mr.Claus generally feels the same way about my Mrs.Claus shopping. But he never takes it over so I guess they're stuck with us! lol!

LocuTus of Borg said...

Yep gotta love Christmas time ... check out mine for the pics of my trees and decorations around the house. Still seems weird to be walking in front of the christmas tree with shorts on and seeing the Christmas lights on the palm trees out front.

Lol Rob

You can always visit Fred and I in Florida to get warm :)

Anna said...

Christmas without snow might be nice and warm but it's ultimately wrong. You have to have snow or it's just not Christmas!