Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Last Words

A hero overseas and military blogger, Andrew Olmsted, wrote a "Final Post" for his blog, a post he gave to a friend to be published in the event of his death.

Sadly, that day came just 3 days into 2008.

Go here to read his last words. And bring a tissue.


And then, when you're done, here's an article about him and his death:



Nik said...

OMG-- that had me sobbing. What a creative, intelligent man. My thoughts and prayers go out this his loved ones.

Jen--thanks for making me bawl today. No seriously, thank you for sharing the link to this. I bookmarked it, gonna be rereading that one, quite a bit. I like his take on many things. May he rest in peace!

Jen said...

The only "good" (and I use that very loosely) thing to come of his death is that the media has picked up on this story, resulting in hundreds of thousands of people (like me) reading these last words. The message he wanted to get out is definitely doing so. The circumstances, though, are tragic.

Edward said...

Thanks for the link.